Jonah Hill Is Producing A Live Stage Show About The Beastie Boys

By Brad Nash
24 March 2019
Beastie Boys, Jonah Hill
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Directed by long-time Beastie Boys collaborator Spike Jones, the man behind the famous 'Sabotage' video

Jonah Hill is the human embodiment of everything that it means to be a 90s kid in 2019. Hell, his directorial debut, Mid90s, was centred around it.

Now, in keeping with his passion for developing projects centred around modern youth culture, he's now putting his creative energy behind a live show based around the life and times of one of the '90s' most influential musical artists, The Beastie Boys.

The New York-based rap group gave a voice to many frustrated teens throughout the 1980s and 1990s, releasing iconic albums like Licensed To Ill, Ill Communication, and Check Your Head. Their high-energy music and provocative lyrics commonly dealt with topics like racism, generational divide, and police brutality, making them one of the leading voices of the '90s skating subculture that Hill grew up in.

Hill took to Instagram to announce that he'll be producing a show about the Brooklyn-based band, which originally started in the early '80s as a hardcore punk band before turning their attention to hip-hop. The Beastie Boys disbanded in 2014 after vocalist MCA died of cancer, however they did release a memoir in 2018, titled Beastie Boys Book, which the show is based on.


The post also revealed that director and screenwriter, Spike Jonze, will direct the show. Jonze, who came to prominence writing and directing films like Her, Where the Wild Things Are, and Being John Malkovich, is heavily in tune with the culture that the Beastie Boys came to represent, and begun his career creating skate and BMX videos.

He went on to direct five separate videos for the Beastie Boys throughout their career, including the clip for Sabotage, which he also wrote.


The show will be appearing live in theatres in both Brooklyn and Philadelphia. Hill's role will be producing the filming of the stage show. According to Billboard, the show will actually be part monologue and part adaptation of the group's memoir, with the members of the group appearing on stage and giving readings.

“We wrote this book, and instead of going to bookstores and us reading chapters, which probably would’ve kind of sucked, we did these shows where we were on stage, coming together,” said Mike D during a talk at SXSW last week

Hill and Jonze are close friends, with Jonze reportedly giving Hill advice that changed the course of production for his acclaimed directorial debut, Mid90's, before it begun filming.

Via GQ Australia