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Lexus's Latest UX Concept Is Dressed In A Set Of Nike Kicks

By Brad Nash
17 February 2019
The new design was inspired by John Elliott's recent collaboration with Nike

There are plenty of ways in which car companies try and convince young, fashionable people to buy their new cars cars.

Often it involves making ads with a group of young, fashionable people driving their cars, and yet despite this, most of the time young, fashionable people of of the world go and buy a second hand car anyway, preferring instead to spend their money on expensive streetwear.

John Elliott's recent collaboration with Nike is just the kind of thing that would tempt the wallet of Lexus's ideal new customer, and recognising this, the Japanese luxury marque have quite literally teamed up with John Elliott himself to put some of his signature Nike kicks on their car.

Photo credit: Lexus

If you're confused, you needn't be. The car itself, a Lexus UX, tyres custom-designed to look like a set of John Elliott's collaborative Nike Air Force 1 sneakers.

The all-white tyres (hardly practical) don the John Elliott/Nike look sing with double-stitched leather and a “stepped metal air valve evocative of his stacked metal lace tip”.

Completing the look, Lexus have adorned the UX in an all-white paintjob, with only the car's signature grill, windows and headlights averting the gaze from its minimalist, industrial aesthetic.

Much like his sought-after Air Force 1 sneakers, the tyres and overall aesthetic of the car rely on layering and spatial distortion to create the illusion of colour.

Photo credit: Lexus

Of course, said car will never make an appearance on the road, although its set of squeaky clean new Nikes wouldn't be the first to receive the beater treatment if it ever did.

Naturally, the car was unveiled during New York Fashion Week, of which Lexus is a major sponsor.

Elliott exhibited his own new collaborations during the fashion event, including new and upcoming collections with both Nike and Caterpillar.

This isn't the first time that Lexus have tried to market the UX — the company's more affordable luxury crossover — to a more youthful buyer.

The car, alongside the CT and the IS lines, represents a shift in the company's approach towards catering for a more urban driver.

As the centrepiece of their new collection, Lexus even took the step of featuring it in a fantastic new not-quite-a-Super Bowl ad earlier this month.
So yeah, they're pretty proud of the UX. You can take a tour of the car at Lexus' website.

Via GQ Australia

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