Logic's Compact Vape launches in the UAE

22 December 2019
The pocket sized vape is now available in the United Arab Emirates

After a successful launch in Kuwait as well as in twenty one markets worldwide, including Italy, France, Romania, Belgium, Ireland and Switzerland this year, Logic's Compact vape is now coming to the United Arab Emirates.

Tests have shown that Logic Compact has a 95% reduction in the constituents recommended by WHO for reduction in cigarette smoke. Using a Logic Compact does not mean it is necessarily safer than smoking regular cigarettes, though. It will, however, prevent you from smelling of cigarettes all day.

The new generation 'closed tank' device was first engineered in 2018 and has a modern, compact design. Available in three colours (charcoal, blue and pink), the pre filled e-liquid pods click into place magnetically, just like the battery into the charger. It can then be re-filled in four flavours- tobacco, menthol, mixed berries and caramel banana, all of which are available whever you buy your vapes from.