Masala Library Lifts Indian Cuisine To Dizzy Heights At JW Marriott Marquis Dubai

02 April 2019
Jiggs Kalra's new restaurant revives, and reinterprets, traditional recipes from across ancient India in a contemporary way

If the idea of treating yourself to a stop at the world’s tallest five-star hotel isn’t tempting enough, perhaps the unique dining experience offered by Masala Library will lure you.

The new restaurant is the masterpiece of renowned Indian food connoisseur Jiggs Kalra, who was recently welcomed into the International Food and Beverage Gourmet Hall of Fame, becoming the first Asian to be inducted. Known as the “Czar of Indian Cuisine”, Kalra’s career spans close to five decades and the food writer and consultant has been instrumental in introducing his nation’s cuisine to an international audience.

The focus of Masala Library is on reviving traditional recipes from across ancient India and reinterpreting the dishes – from key provinces of the country – in a contemporary way.

Located on the fourth floor of the JW Marriott Marquis Dubai, it’s here where a synthesis of decades of research and exploration can be enjoyed in the premium dining space and trendy bar area.

Using the freshest of ingredients, Kalra employs modern culinary techniques, incorporating various aspects of molecular gastronomy to support the restaurant’s vision of representing the future of Indian cuisine. Through collaboration with some of the oldest known artisans from each of the country’s regions, the dishes remain traditional at their core, which is evident by the vibrant colours and captivating blend of full-bodied, unforgettable flavours.

The restaurant’s signature twelve-course degustation menu involves sampling small portions of all essential meals, with an optional beverage pairing on the side. Some of the hero dishes to try include a deconstruction of samosa, chicken tikka prepared in three ways, Rajasthani mutton curry, mushroom chai and jalebi caviar... to name a few.

Fit for everyone’s taste, the menu also offers a vast selection of vegetarian dishes.

Kalra’s knowledge of centuries-old traditions fused with forward-thinking gastronomy makes Masala Library incomparable spot to embark on your next gastronomic voyage.