Miles Teller Knows That Everyone Needs A Grateful Dead T-shirt

12 March 2020
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Images: Allen Berezovsky / Getty Images
A graphic tee-and-jeans combination that explains the mysteries of the natural world

There are a few fits in the world that are absolutely foolproof: the suit and tie, the tuxedo, the leather jacket and literally anything. They make components like pants and shirts work together like classical elements, creating an alchemy of earth, fire, wind, and water that merges into what we call fit bigness.

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But not all fits have to be fancy to be classical. Miles Teller, attending a Lakers game in Los Angeles on Tuesday night, sat courtside in jeans, a Grateful Dead T-shirt (featuring the cover of The Closing of Winterland\—nice!), and a Finnish Long Drink baseball cap. Mixed graphics, denim that’s perfect in a lowkey way, and the gold watch: this is an iconic combination. It’s ice! It’s fire! It’s wind! It’s soil! And it reveals that the universe may be a place of mystery, but it’s the simple stuff that really wows you at the end of the day.

Via GQ