Netflix Are Making A Documentary Series About Sport's Greatest Losers

By Brad Nash
26 February 2019
Credit: Netflix

After 'Sunderland 'Til I Die', more stories of spectacular sporting collapses

There are loveable losers in the world of sports, and then there are the individuals and teams who mess things so spectacularly in such a public way, all you can do is watch from behind a pillow with the kind of terrified expression you'd normally save for a film like Hereditary.

Netflix, realising people enjoy seeing this about as much as they do watching triumphant sporting stories, have decided to chronicle some of these stories, telling the tales of some of the most spectacular collapses in the history of professional sport.


Losers tells not only the stories of some of the most famously unsuccessful teams and individuals in sporting history, but some of the most notorious singular collapses as well.

Losers sets out to tell a number of heart-wrenching tales, including that of football club Torquay United, who's survival story during the 1987 season has become the stuff of legend. Facing relegation out of the professional tiers of English football, the club was saved by the bite of a police dog named Bryn on Jim McNichol, which in turn created the injury-time for Paul Dobson to score a last-gasp equaliser.

According to those close to the documentary, the film's producers spent a full 14 months in the English Seaside town of Torquay, not only interviewing those who were there on the day, but setting up a full recreation of a fateful match that helped revive the entire club.

It also tells that of Jean van de Velde, whose collapse at the 1999 British Open is perhaps the most infamous moment in Golfing history.


"We live in a winner take all society where losing is laughed off, dismissed and shamed," says Netflix's summary of the show "But what do we miss when we turn our back on the lessons that failure gives us?"

"History remembers the victors. But this Netflix documentary is about the other side of sports – those who got knocked down, scored fewer points, fumbled, and lost. Losers presents eight stories of athletes who failed and how they bounced back."

Importantly, the show features interviews with those closest to the athletes who lived through such painful moments, alongside the athletes themselves.

They then reflect on how their failures helped shape them into better people — a lesson that's universally valuable.

Losers premieres on Netflix on March 1.

Via GQ Australia