Netflix Hints That They May Close Their Subscription Loophole

21 October 2019
Password and account sharing on Netflix could soon become a thing of the past

It’s finally happening: Netflix could be about to crack down on password sharers. In a video interview with the subscription service’s Chief Product officer, Greg Peters, he said that Netflix would be investigating consumer friendly ways to prevent subscription sharing.

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Peters revealed that the company monitors who accesses their accounts and from where, and they know that people are password sharing. Technically, only 4 people can use one Netflix account at once but as we’ve er…heard from reliable sources, what customers are actually doing is using the passwords of other users to avoid paying the subscription. As long as more than four people at a time aren’t signed in, anyone with the username and password of an account can watch. We know. We’re as shocked as you are…

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In a video interview discussing 3rd quarter profits, Peters said: “We continue to monitor it so we're looking at the situation and we'll see [whether there are] consumer-friendly ways to push on the edge of that but I think we've got no big plans to announce at this point in time of doing something differently there.”

While the message that Netflix has no big plans to close the loophole is positive, Peters is letting us know that they’re watching us.

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One minute, you’re watching Friends re-runs on your phone at work, the next minute: Access denied.

Still, when you consider that some research puts the cost of account sharing at close to $10 Billion by 2021, we’d be foolish to think that Netflix won’t eventually act.

Artificial Intelligence programmes which monitor who is associated with which account could in theory track the users of any one account, preventing all your friends using your log in, without restricting household use.

The message here? Enjoy it while it lasts because even if you aren’t still watching Netflix, they’re watching you.