New Year's Resolutions You Can Gloat About in 2019

By Ali Khaled
26 December 2018
2019, New Year's Resolutions
Here are five promises you can make, and actually keep, that'll improve your physical and mental well-being. Without too much effort.

Let's face it. New Year's resolutions are, mostly, a waste of time. 

We've been conditioned to believe that the only worthwhile resolutions are the ones that require a huge amount of sacrifice, as well as physical and mental torture. It's not surprising that the usual resolutions of quitting smoking, giving up carbs or joining a gym are often binned by the end of January.

Here's another way. We believe in achievable and, believe it or not, fun targets. Some will take a little more effort than others. All will give you a sense of intellectual and physical superiority. 

Complete A 10K Run


Ok, be realistic. Marathons are not for everyone. They take months of preparation which many of us simply don’t have, and crucially, don’t have the appetite for.

But a 10k run? Now we’re talking. Of course you can’t knock off a run like that on whim the morning after a big night out. This too takes preparation. However, if you’re in relatively good shape and go running a few times a week, then this very achievable.

The Standard Chartered Dubai Marathon takes place on January 25 and what better way to start the year than by completing the 10K Road Race. (Or you can register for the 4K Fun Run, though we suggest you be accompanied by your children so as not to be ridiculed by friends running the longer distances).

Not only is the 10K a fun, healthy New Year resolution that’s easily within reach (you can walk most of it if you wish), you can head off to brunch as soon as you're done. And it’ll give you something to gloat about for the rest of 2019.

Delete Facebook App

Phone Apps

We know a lot of people are addicted to social media, in particular Facebook, and we are certainly not suggesting you go cold turkey. However, we are big fans of deleting the Facebook app from your smartphone as a first step.

The amount of time this frees up will be a pleasent surprise and can be better used doing, well, pretty much anything else.

Besides, you can still check what your friends (and Donald Trump) are up to on your desktop, laptop or tablet at the appropriate times. That is, mostly, at work.

Trust us, you will instantly feel a sense of well-being come over you, and, a bit like completing a 10K run, deleting the Facebook app provides a chance to take the moral high-ground against those that remain slaves to Mark Zuckerberg’s empire.

Hit The Documentary Section On Netflix


We loved blockbuster shows like Black Mirror, Stranger Things and Lost in Space; comedy stand-up specials by Chris Rock and Dave Chappelle; and the inspired cartoon lunacy of Rick and Morty or BoJack Horseman.

But we also like to escape from escapism and feed our intellect. So should you.

And Netflix’s documentary section is treasure trove of outstanding features, from politics to sports, culture to tech.

We have far too many favourites to mention, but here are a few: The Vietnam War, De Palma, Best of Enemies, LA 92, Blackfish, Icarus, Boca Juniors 3D: The Movie and They’ll Love Me When I’m Dead.

This is a resolution that demands absolutely no sacrifices. Sit back, chill and never be short of an interesting topic or two at a dinner party.

Watch Lionel Messi While You Can

Leo Messi

Getty Images

Imagine having lived through Beatlemania. Or followed the career of Muhammad Ali at his unstoppable best.

Recency bias dictates that many people, especially in this age of short-termism and even shorter memories, will remember events that took place more recently over historical ones.

But what if you’re living in an age of true greatness but are taking it for granted? 

This is the Lionel Messi syndrome. So jaw-droppingly out of this world the Argentine has been throughout his career, his brilliance has been normalised. He recently, laughably, was even voted the fifth best player in the world.

The truth is Messi remains peerless, and football fans can catch him creating magic on their screens twice a week. If you’re not doing that already, you are cheating yourself. 

One day Messi will quit playing football. Make sure you make the most of him while you still can.

Use Up Your Holiday Time


This is one to remember as 2019 hits its latter months.

Most of us hardly ever use up our full quota of leave days, even when practically begged by own employers to switch off and go on holiday.

You’re doing yourself no favours. Not taking time off is a sure-fire path to eventual burn-out. Your productivity at work will surely suffer, and no employer is impressed by that, regardless of the number of hours you log in.

Committing to a holiday, whether in Beirut, Bali or Barcelona, is only a few clicks away. This is a resolution that requires you to give up a few days of work in exchange for holidays many would kill for. It’s a no-brainer.

Trust us, you’ll regret not using up those days.