The Coolest Guy On Riverdale Just Became The New Face Of Fendi Eyewear

By Amy Campbell
09 June 2019
Fendi, Eyewear
If there's anyone that makes us want to splash out on a new pair of Fendi peepers, it's this South Side Serpent

In Riverdale’s cast of all-American, jock-esque hotties such as KJ Apa and Charles Melton, actor Rob Raco is a welcome exception to the rule. 

With slick dark hair, icy blue eyes and a collection of silver ephemera dangling from his ears, Raco’s character Joaquin radiates with an air of untouchable cool. His alliance with Riverdale’s notorious bikie gang the South Side Serpents only adds to his brooding bad boy persona. As does his closeted relationship with the local sheriff’s son. 

It was only a matter of time, then, before Raco caught the eye of a fashion brand on the hunt for a fresh face with a captivating look and M.O. And it was FENDI Men’s who won out, tapping Canadian-born Raco as their Eyewear Ambassador for 2019.

As far as brand-celebrity partnerships go, this feels like the most organic of fits. FENDI is a house that champions the artist – the brand’s menswear collaborations in recent seasons go a long way to show the relationship between art and fashion is a symbiotic one.

And Raco is the very essence of a new-age creative. In addition to playing Riverdale’s resident dark horse, Raco is a dedicated muso. He plays the drums for The Good Time Boys, a band he and KJ Apa started after bonding over music on set.

Raco’s desire to look beyond social norms in favour of paving his own path is just another trait that aligns seamlessly with FENDI’s fearless agenda.

“The FENDI Man is a bold, fearless individual who expresses himself as he chooses, not how society expects him to,” says Raco, of his venture with the Italian brand. “The Fendi Man makes a statement.”

The partnership between these two creative forces begins with the SS19 collection, which is dripping with retro-futuristic vibes so cool we’re not even sure we could pull them off. But Raco does with finesse.

The campaign images show the actor wearing a pair of angular rose-tinted frames that perch effortlessly, as if placed by the hand of an angel, on the bridge of his nose. The style name for this particular pair, ‘FENDI FIEND,’ gives off equally irreverent feels.   

“The new eyewear collection is a mixture of both classic and bold styles. I find myself switching out frames based on moods,” explains Raco. “It’s very diverse and sleek. I never take them off.” We believe him, too. And when you look that good in a set of shades, why would you?

Commemorating this new addition to the family like any respectable clan should, FENDI have also dropped a candid video with Raco. In the clip – which is shot with a dreamlike filter that makes us want to pull on a pair of FENDI’s and drift away – Raco talks about his creative ambitions and what working with a brand as directional as FENDI means to him.

“This journey has pushed me into new doors that I never thought I’d open in my career. Representing the face of a company with such strong, powerful fashion ideas has allowed me to recreate myself,” says Raco.

So, beyond kicking around in some respectable new sunshades, what can we expect to see from Raco next?

“As of now, I’m focusing on acting and music. I have projects on both sides that I’m extremely excited about but at this point, I want to be bold and turn heads, instead of getting lost in a sea of commercialism,” he says. A true FENDI Man.

Watch Raco flaunting the SS19 collection in the video below.

Via GQ Australia