Sherlock Holmes 3 Delayed To 2021 As Hollywood Prepares For Avatar 2

By GQ Staff
09 March 2019
Sherlock Holmes, Avatar
Credit: Warner Bros.
Competition for which film will dominate the box office is rife, with Hollywood taking James Cameron’s sci-fi sequels seriously

The beloved stories of Sherlock Holmes and his affable sidekick Dr Watson enchanted a generation. And, as is always the case in Hollywood, where there is a legion of fans, you can guarantee that there will be a movie.

There were, in fact, many, with the Guinness World Records in 2012 hailing Sherlock Holmes as “the most portrayed literary human character in film and TV” with a staggering 254 on-screen depictions. But none of them seemed to hit quite the acclaim as Guy Ritchie’s directed Sherlock Holmes which, when released in 2009, brought the character back to life in an age where all anyone seemed to care about were superheroes.

The second film, Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows, which also starred Jared Harris and Noomi Rapace, went on to dominate the box office yet again. It took in $545.4 million worldwide, more than the original which grossed $524 million globally. 

But sadly, fans will have to wait for the long-gestating threequel to the popular series.  According to reports from Variety, Warner Bros. has moved Sherlock Holmes 3 back a year, with the studio announcing a December 2021 release date. Originally, the film was planned for a Christmas Day of 2020 release, with Robert Downey Jr set to reprise his role as the British detective, alongside Jude Law’s Dr Watson.

It’s hardly surprising that the film has encountered some scheduling conflicts as of yet, no director has signed on to the highly-anticipated third installment. Although Chris Brancato has written the script and producers have been named – Joel Silver, Susan Downey and Lionel Wigram – it has to be said that a director is, well, fairly crucial for production.

Warner Bros. said that an untitled event film would go into the same Christmas 2020 slot, with James Cameron’s Avatar 2 scheduled to open on December 18, 2020. Sherlock Holmes 3 will open five days after Cameron’s Avatar 3 and on the same day as Sony’s Hotel Transylvania 4.

If anything, it seems that Hollywood is taking the James Cameron sci-fi sequels as seriously as required, worried that they will be left to compete for the scraps. Given that the original earned $2.1 billion worldwide, they might be wise to do so.

Via GQ Australia