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Streetwear Your Need In Your Life Right Now

By Andrew Nagy
10 January 2019
Idly searching around the Internet, yeah? Looking for some new gear are you? Here are five things worth splashing your hard-earned cash on

OK, we admit the streetwear drop phenomena is kind of crazy right now, with more products fired out on a weekly basis than it takes to fill a Supreme bathtub. And while in moments of purchasing dilemma we generally follow the wise words of Pope Pius XII: 'if it feels right, do it' (that was him, right?) it does lead to another headscratcher: with so much out there, how do you keep up?

Well, you come here, obviously.

Nike VaporMax 2019

1.  Nike Air VaporMax
While the VaporMax Air Unit isn’t for everyone – general consensus is it’s so ugly it’s beautiful – both the Acronym and Off-White collabs were huge last year. If you didn’t get involved, dip your toe in the water with something from this four-colourway 2019 collection. $190 at Nike

Off-White scarf

2. Off-White scarf
Living in a near winter-less void like the Middle East should in no way trouble your wardrobe choices. No matter if it’s 30 degrees outside, get this Off-White scarf wrapped around your neck, style out the sweat, and remember what Big Shaq taught us: Man’s. Not. Hot. $205 at Off-White

Stussy x Ken Price t-shirt

3. Stussy x Ken Price tee
The Stussy x Ken Price capsule collection was one of our favourites of recent times, so this is just a friendly reminder to take another look. The original streetwear brand combined with the legendary style of Price could well be the Californian dream. $40 at Stussy

Stone Island smock grano

4. Stone Island Smock Garno
The label most beloved of all self-respecting football casuals has had a high fashion renaissance in recent times, but it’s unlikely that you’ll see this one on the back of too many top boys on the terraces. We say: go big or go home. $380 at Stone Island

yeezy boost 350 v2 static reflective

5. Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 v2 Static Reflective
No matter how much we want to not be attracted to the Yeezy Boost series, we kind of just can't help ourselves. The Static collection dropped on December 26, but shipping meant most people are just getting them now - which means you might have a chance of picking them up, too.  $220 at Adidas