12 Crossbody Bags To Help You Breeze Through Airport Security

25 January 2020
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A no-brainer hack for breezing through the security line

If you’ve ever been in an airport – or, at least, seen some hack standup talk about airports – then you don’t need us to tell you that travelling is nothing but an endless stream of microaggressions that no amount of free upgrades or lounge passes can ever fully recompense. Among the more major of these minor indignities comes in the security line, where in addition to having your passport and boarding pass at the ready, and fishing out all the electronics and liquids from your carry-ons, and removing your shoes and jacket and hat, you’re also expected to completely empty your pockets into the bin. Which means, upon exiting that gigantic pervy X-ray chamber that is definitely not radioactively poisoning you, you have to scramble to gather up your cards and keys and loose quarters and gum wrappers and shove them back into your pockets while a horde of layover-weary cranks begins to bottleneck behind you.

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Blissfully, there is a simple workaround for this TSA nightmare: a fanny pack (or a crossbody bag, as the Cool Teens in your life have taken to calling them). As it turns out, they’re good for more than merely holding your dog’s poop bags and dressing up like The Rock on Halloween. Before you head out the door, load it up with your passport, wallet, keys, phone, and whatever other junk you find in your 501s, throw it over your shoulder, and then drop the whole thing onto the conveyor belt when it’s time for your privacy to be invaded. It’s small enough not to breach the whole “carry-on + personal item” duology, will get you through the absolute worst part of the airport in record time, and – if you opt for one of our picks below – looks pretty darn cool to boot. Those are small wins, but when it comes to air travel, you take what you can get.

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Patagonia Black Hole belt bag

The pint-sized version of the coolest, sleekest, most insanely durable duffel bag on the market.

$59 at Nordstrom

Noah two-tone shoulder pack

If you're after a crossbody that feels as authentically '90s as possible, Noah's got your back.

$78 at Noah

Eastpak "Bane" bag

As far as fits are concerned, a little bit of camo still goes a very long way.

$16 at Amazon

A.P.C. x Carhartt W.I.P. bumbag

A.P.C.'s Parisian refinement and Carhartt's All-American utility are never not a winning combination.

$190 at End Clothing

Prada Tessuto waist pack

Nobody makes nylon feel enticingly luxurious quite like Prada.

$695 at Nordstrom

Maharishi nylon travel waist bag

Spacious enough to nearly infringe on "personal item" territory; still compact enough to stuff into your actual personal item should an overly pedantic gate agent call you on it.

$105 at End Clothing

Coach Rivington belt bag

Leather fanny packs can sometimes read as tacky or sleazy, but the bright indigo hue and reflective retro logo here help to sidestep those vibes altogether.

$250 at Coach

Porter-Yoshida & Co. Tanker 2-way waist bag

This Japanese heritage label has built a cult-like following for its tech-y, hardwearing carry-alls.

$327 at Need Supply

Nike Sportswear heritage fanny pack

An all-time campus classic.

$25 at Nike

Topo Designs mini quick pack

Looks like something our dude Alex Honnold might haul up a cliffside.

$49 at Huckberry

1017 Alyx 9SM handle crossbody bag

All the Alyx staples – stiff leather, hardcore hardware, all-around Jason-Bourne-on-a-reconnassiance-mission vibes – in one conveniently-sized package.

$1,060 at Farfetch

Herschel sixteen hip pack

We're suckers for mustard cords – in any form.

$40 at Herschel

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