20 White Elephant Gift Ideas Under $20

19 December 2019
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Crush that last-minute gift exchange

Let's cut right to the chase: You had tons of time to prepare for that upcoming white elephant gift exchange. Your friends told you about it weeks ago. But you still haven't bought anything that those special people will like so much that they'll want to take it right out from underneath the hands of your other friends. We get it, TV is so good right now. Luckily for you, we've spent the year honing our skills, seeking out fantastic things that cost under $20. This month's list includes a plush scarf, a cheap watch that several celebrities can't stop wearing, and a wooden cooking tool used in Scottish porridge competitions.

Any of them would make a great white elephant gift, Secret Santa present, or stocking stuffer. You're welcome.

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Uniqlo Heattech knitted gloves

Thin gloves that are a lot warmer than they look. $15 at Uniqlo

Casio MQ24-9B watch

A style flex from Tyler, the Creator that anyone on your list could pull off. $18 at Amazon

Viski "Admiral" crystal tumblers

Anything tastes better when you drink it out of something as beautiful as this. $18 at Amazon

Bamboo spurtle set

Your dinky wooden spatula has nothing on this spurtle, a narrow paddle employed by Scottish competitive porridge cooks. Use it to more evenly stir that hearty chili you're making for hibernation. $20 at Amazon

Dusen Dusen hand towels

The hand towels with Dusen Dusen's wild patterns are an excellent upgrade for those old, gross white ones you've had for so long that you can't remember when you got them. $20 at Coming Soon

KAVU Burly Belt

Canvas belts are back, baby! $20 at Urban Outfitters

Hikerdelic "High Summer" sock

With these warm socks, you might be able to continue wearing your Birkenstocks through the winter. $15 at End Clothing

Malin + Goetz Mojito Lip Balm

This mojito-scented, gel-based lip balm uses fatty acids to soften and plump lips on contact. $14 at Amazon

"How to Do Nothing" by Jenny Odell

This book, one of our favorites of this year, will persuade your giftee to take some much-needed time for themselves. $16 at Amazon

Burstenhaus Redecker clothes brush

Think of this brush as a reusable lint roller without disposable sticky sheets. $10 at Need Supply

Hermetus bottle opener and resealer

Cheers to this bottle opener that can also reseal that super heavy seasonal drinks you're just not ready to finish. $8 at Canoe

Bee's Wrap reusable food wraps

When the recipe calls for Saran wrap but you're trying to kick your single-use-plastic habit... $18 at Amazon

Ohto ballpoint pen, horizon blue

Since 1949, Ohto has been making ballpoint pens that write circles around that janky BIC you swiped from your neighborhood bar. $15 at Amazon

Kishibori Shoyu soy sauce

A soy sauce that wipes the floor of anything you can buy at the supermarket, according to our friends at Epicurious. $17 at Amazon

GAP cozy patterned scarf

A soft neutral scarf that won't overshadow your new statement coat. $18 at GAP

Kleen Kanteen reusable metal straws and brush

A set of straws fit for a grown-up, with a few extra for when the kid in you leaves one behind in the coffee shop. $9 at Amazon

Lab Series PRO LS Face Hydrating Gel

Our secret ticket to keeping your skin hydrated in bone-dry airplane cabins is this moisturizer. $10 at Lab series

People I've Loved Christmas postcards (6-pack)

If you send someone a postcard this adorable, maybe they'll forget you didn't get them anything. $12 at People I've Loved

Onyx steel sandwich box

A lovely metal lunch box with two layers, so your side and sandwich don't have to touch. $13 at Need Supply

Lomography disposable camera

Grab this for anyone who loves taking photos but hates posting to Instagram. $19 at Lomography

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