5 Fresh Styling Tricks We Saw At The Burberry Spring 2020 Show

17 September 2019
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Images: Burberry Spring 2020 show
PSA: Rugby jumpers are back in a big way

The greatest thing about dwelling in the southern hemisphere when fashion week is happening in the northern hemisphere is: every morning, there’s a fresh dump of street style snaps, runway looks and written dispatches clamouring for my attention, and begging me to stay in bed and scroll that little bit longer.

Thank goodness digesting all of this information is ~technically~ part of my job!

Anyhoo, this morning’s (proverbial) mail came from London, where Burberry’s highly anticipated Spring 2020 show took place overnight. The show was a whopper, consisting of 109 men’s and women’s looks in total – but we know designer Riccardo Tisci doesn’t like to do things by halves.

Titled ‘Evolution’, the collection mined Burberry’s Victorian-era origins, with dress codes from the period translating both covertly (the black and white tartan print) and overtly (the chainmail mask, which appears to be crafted from crystals).

In a statement, Tisci – who’s been at the house for a year now – said that after two collections spent “refining the new codification for the house” SS20 was all about “exploring what’s at the heart of this incredible brand.”

This amalgamation of old and new meant there were some seriously interesting styling tricks at play, some of which we plan to try at home, others we do not. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t. Here, we break down five of the best.

1. Tuck’er in

Historically, seeing a man with the tip of his tie tucked into his trousers would elicit a response of sympathy. Shame, I’d think. He obviously forgot to double-check himself after going to the loo.

Not anymore! If Tisci is successful in his quest to make this one a thing (and let’s be real here – this is the man who turned a t-shirt with a Rottweiler print into a coveted status symbol) guys everywhere will be wearing their ties tucked. Just make sure yours is long enough to sustain the tuck-age, especially if you plan to be cutting irregular shapes on the d-floor.

2. Elephant grey

We’ve seen a lot of animal-inspired outerwear hit the runway in recent seasons – leopard print was so popular for AW19, it’s a wonder the big cat wasn’t placed on the endangered species list because of it (side note: a lot of big houses are going fur-free, meaning these days, very few animals are harmed in the coat-making process).

For SS20, Tisci turned to a different beast for colour inspo (or so we imagine)… the elephant! Like a palette cleanser, the middle portion of the Burberry show featured layered looks in cool, slate grey, and now all we want to wear is a layered look in cool, slate grey.

3. Socks and sandals

Shake your head and roll your eyes all you want. But don’t knock it until you’ve tried it, because socks and sandals is the most transformative transseasonal trend since layering a turtleneck beneath a shirt was a thing. (FTR, I still very much wear this).

Think of it like wrapping yourself in a blanket at the outdoor cinema – your body is technically insulated but you’re reaping all the benefits of a summer pursuit (which, in this case, is the wearing of sandals). Like we said, don’t knock it ’till you’ve tried it.

4. Houston, we have a... trend?

Tisci has taken the utility vest trend, mixed it with the technical parka trend and come out with a look that wouldn’t appear out of place floating into the International Space Station.

With July 2019 marking the 50th anniversary of the Apollo moon landing, the space aesthetic has become quite a vibe. Complete with black tapering and a very spacious hood, Burberry’s take is definitely one way to make the trend work.

5. World Cup fever

If, throughout your life, you’ve been affiliated with any sort of sporting club or student body, it’s likely you’ve got a soft spot for the humble rugby jumper. We imagine you’ll be delighted, then, to discover the garm is back in a big way, with Tisci draping not one but FOUR make models in the oversized, stripy style.

We’re coveting the pink and elephant grey (told you) number, but the black and white version with a deep-V neck is pretty swish too. You’ve got approximately three days to unearth that old football jersey before the World Cup begins.


Via GQ Australia