5 Sneakers That Will Get 2020 Off And Running

01 January 2020
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Now you just need to, like, wear them and do something

As we steam into January, the chances of you splashing out for that gym membership are higher than at any time of year. Hey, we’re not knocking it, we’ll be struggling in the weights room alongside you. But we do say this: if you’re going to go, then make sure you look the part.

How To Find The Right Sport Sneaker

The sports' shoe market has exploded in recent years, and while 10 years ago you probably ran, played sport and went to the gym in the same heavy, black leather sneakers, now you can find a shoe – with supporting tech – for every eventuality. We’re talking lightweight experimental materials used to create shoes that track your every move, improve performance and be more comfortable than your old slippers. All you really need to do is to get moving. Here’s the GQ edit for the runners you need to power you into 2020.

The Pure Running Shoe

You can always rely on something interesting cooking in Nike’s innovation kitchen, and while these might not be the much sought after shoe worn by Eluid Kipchoge as he ran a sub-two hour marathon, they’re a very creditable alternative. The smart fit and the super lightweight Vaporweave mesh make for a shoe that barely feels like you’re wearing it, while the carbon-infused midsole is made to absorb power and push you forward. And, by heck, it does.

Zoom Fly 3 Vaporweave, $160, Nike Running at Mr Porter

The All-Terrain Shoe

Living in the Middle East means that you’re never short of a decent rocky terrain to conquer. And when you’re going off-road, you can’t do much better than this French brand that has the Alps at the very heart of its origins. The breathable mesh uppers will be a life-saver in summer, while the grooved rubber soles will keep you upright even on the most difficult vertical. Finally, the quick-lace system means that all your time can be spent on tackling the challenge in front of you rather than the one at your feet.

XA Pro 3D GTX mesh and rubber sneaker, $153, Salomon at Mr Porter

The Expert Cycling Shoe

There’s something very Eddy Merckx about the minimalistic ’60s aesthetic of these Ralpha cycling shoes. It’s the kind of thing that makes you want dust down your old racing bike and get moving. But these are no ancient throwback. Made to engineer a boost in performance, the perforated uppers and double wall lacing system mean that they’re lightweight and fit perfectly, with no pinch points. While you might not make the Tour de France, this shoe will ensure your style remains a tour de force, regardless.

Classic cycling shoes, $206, Ralpha at Mr Porter

The Teched-Out Shoe

Look, it’s 2020, there had to be a shoe on the list that was going all-in on tech, and Under Armor is doing that better than most at the moment. The Hovr Infinite shoe will automatically track your workout metrics – everything from cadence to stride length and distance – then delivers the data via the Map My Run app. While the app’s motivational voice could do with work – ours just repeated, “you’re going too slow, run faster” the tech in the shoe will keep you interested long after your heart rate has returned to normal.

Hovr Infinite Mesh and rubber running shoe, $137, Under Armor at Mr Porter

The Post-Workout Slide

It’s all well and good have the latest tech and fit in a shoe built for maximum performance, but walking out of the gym drenched in sweat and still wearing the same outfit just makes you look like a chump. Maintain your style with an outfit change that involves a good pair of slides. These by APL have cushioned midsoles, are made from antimicrobial mesh, and will ensure your post-gym game is on constant PB.

Techloom logo-embossed slides, $97, APL at Mr Porter