8 Dressing Gowns Worth Not Getting Dressed For

23 April 2020
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Because sometimes, lounge-wear equals self-care

There is a lot of talk in this time of the coronavirus and global pandemic of productivity. A certain section of society is taking great joy in pointing out to all their followers just how productive this period has been for them.

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With all this extra time on their hands, thanks to the enforced lockdown and closure of offices, people everywhere have become paragons of virtue.

Daily workouts are popping up on their Instagram feeds. Their Twitter page is awash with humble brags about new business ideas and suddenly, inexplicably, every one has become an expert baker.

People, we are living through extraordinary times, but that does not mean you have to behave extraordinarily. There is, after all, great benefit in kicking back, taking it easy, and using this time to reflect and reset, if you can.

On this very site we have explained that during these uncertain times, a strict and ordered routine is not just useful, but vital in keeping your spirits up and your mind on-track.

Well, as part of that routine, you need a metaphorical cheat day. One in which you let (almost) everything slide. On that day it’s ok not to get dressed. It’s ok not to work out. It’s ok to do absolutely nothing, in fact, except put on one these fine dressing gowns that the GQ Middle East fashion team have selected.

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Wearing pants underneath is of course, optional, but recommended.


$60, Terry at H&M


$995, Fendi at Farfetch

The Elder Statesman

$2960, The Elder Statesman at Matches Fashion

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$390, Versace at Matches Fashion


$310, Togas at Ounass

Desmond and Dempsey

$140, Desmond and Dempsey at Mr Porter

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$160, NN07 at Mr Porter


$300, Giacomo at Missoni