Bottega Veneta's 2019 Menswear Has Taken The World By Storm

04 January 2020
Style, Fashion, Bottega Veneta, Coat, Trousers, Turtleneck
Images: Eric White
Discreet is back on the agenda. So, let Daniel Lee, Bottega Veneta's new creative director, show you the way

Now Introducing: #NewBottega

For our take, Bottega Veneta have had a wild, crazy winner of a year. Under the stewardship of new creative director, Daniel Lee, the forever discreet brand has become just the right amount of loud. The Brit has tinkered away, rejuvenating the brand’s style signatures – i.e. dizzyingly luxurious fabrics and iconic weaves – and shaping them into collections that ooze modernity and homage, all at once. Really, Lee has set-out to do what all great creative directors are tasked with: updating timeless icons, and gently introducing what comes next – might we direct your eyeballs to the effortlessly modern tailoring on these pages, for instance? Once you pair all this with a feed-breaking advertising campaign, it’s clear that BV has never felt cooler, never felt sexier, and, yes, never felt louder.

Blazer, turtleneck, bracelet, trousers, bag, shoes, prices on request, Bottega Veneta

Turtleneck, ring, boiler suit, boots, prices on request, Bottega Veneta

Blazer, turtleneck, bracelet, trousers, shoes, prices on request, Bottega Veneta

Coat, jacket, turtleneck, rings, bracelet, trousers, prices on request, Bottega Veneta

Styling: Tiffani Williams
Photography: Eric T. White
Grooming: Valissa Yoe
Casting Director: Eric Cano
Model: Alton Mason at State Management 
Photography assistant: Daniel Abbott
Styling assistant: Marcus Elliott