A 30-Year Nike Veteran Is Selling His Ultra-Rare Samples On eBay

16 December 2019
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Image: Courtesy of ShoeZeum
Including some of the oldest and whackiest stuff ever cooked up in Nike's Innovation Kitchen

Nike have worked very, very hard to ensure that over the years (and especially in the age of social media), what happens in their HQ largely stays in their HQ until it's a stage where it's ready to bring to market.

The swoosh has long had a reputation as perhaps the most innovative brand in the history of apparel, and that's come from years of fostering an almost mad scientist mentality within its walls. Many of Nike's key technologies have come from projects aimed at solving the problems of future athletes rather than simply focusing on today, and that means that when Nike allows its creative minds to fully unleash, some pretty crazy stuff gets made.

Now, one of said creative minds, free from the shackles of the Beaverton brand but nonetheless choosing to remain anonymous for obvious reasons, has put his full collection of the stuff he accumulated in his 30 years working for the brand up for sale. And it's all surprisingly affordable.

The unnamed employee teamed up with Nike collector and historian Shoezeum, who boasts one of the biggest Nike collections in the US, to bring the sale to eBay.

The eBay sample megastore has been set up by a former employee of Nike's legendary innovation kitchen – essentially the place where the craziest ideas Nike has for its footwear come to life in prototype form. This, naturally, means there's a boatload of kooky tech on offer, like a full row of Nike Shox cushioning inset into the midsole of an Air Force 1 and a wallet made out of Nike's Flywire material. There's even a conceptual Foamposite snow boot.

A bunch of other rare deadstock samples are also on offer, from a LeBron James Nike Watch, to a set of Andre Agassi-era patches and special edition Livestrong Nike Free runners. The samples stretch back decades, and even include a Toys and memorabilia have also been made available – much of them never seen outside the confines of a Nike office, as they were only ever made available to Nike employees. Think Nike Swoosh golf tees and a Nike running cowbell.

Check out just a smattering of the kicks on offer below, and peruse through the entire sale at Shoezeum's eBay page.

Via GQ Australia