Adidas Is Collaborating With The International Space Station To Produce Sneaker Tech That's Out Of This World

06 November 2019
Adidas, Sneakers, International Space Station, Space Race
Adidas Boost Technology On International Space Station
Space: the final (footwear) frontier

Space X, Virgin Galactic and the UAE planning a colony on mars: space is officially Big Business.

Now adidas has decided to join the space race, and has teamed up with International Space Station laboratory U.S National Laboratory to become the first footwear brand to test their sneakers in space.

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Focusing on their  now even more aptly named- Boost technology, adidas plan to test the sole unit’s effectiveness in space, without the weight of gravity holding them back. We’re no experts, but presumably removing the pull of the earth’s magnetic field is going to work wonders for an already springy shoe.

Earlier this year they began testing how soccer balls responded to a zero gravity environment, with the intention of using what they’ve learned to improve the balls’ aerodynamics.

If this all sounds like a fanciful excuse just to create other worldly products that have no valuably earthly purpose, consider that space travel and exploration is responsible for a host of products we use in daily life.

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Freeze dried food and Velcro are the obvious ones but we also have the space race to thank for camera phones, scratch resistant lenses and wireless headphones. All of these and more were designed to serve a vital purpose on board, from allowing astronauts to be hands free without wires to capturing high resolution images from space.

Adidas also point out that their aim is to help develop sustainable products

James Carnes, of adidas, said: “Working with the International Space Station U.S. National Laboratory and CASIS – one of the most advanced facilities in the world – will help adidas set new standards in performance innovation. This partnership not only allows us to co-create improvements to sport performance but to explore processes and design that could be applicable to adidas’ dedicated efforts in sustainability as well.”

The sneakers will be sent into orbit for testing early next year. Will they produce anything innovative? Watch this space.