Adidas' Latest Soccer Boots Will Make You Better At FIFA And Football

11 March 2020
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Because real life sport is basically a lost cause, right?

Taking a look at the intrinsic, all-encompassing love that Football players seem to have for all other aspects of the game, however, adidas have figured out a way to get more people on the field in real life: by leveraging the success of their gaming careers against it.

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Inviting you to 'Play Connected', as they call it, the adidas GMR innovation is basically a way for you to turn your on-field performance into something tangible off of it, converting activity on the field into points that essentially convert into in-game currency for FIFA's wildly popular Ultimate Team mode.

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Physically, it takes the form of a small chip that can be embedded in the inner sole of Adidas' new football boots, sort of like the Nike+ chips you used to be able to pair with your iPod Nano.

It was developed by Google as part of their Jacquard program that aims to innovate in the field of wearable tech, and actually has the ability to measure things like speed, distance covered and shot power. The first challenge released by adidas football along this line has players taking 40 powerful shots in the penalty box within a week to earn coins and skill boosts.

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This then connects up with the FIFA mobile app on your smartphone, letting you take weekly football challenges to level up your team and earn in-game rewards. According to a statement from Adidas. connection to FIFA Mobile allows players to complete unique challenges and hit milestones each week, including improving their Ultimate Team Overall (OVR), unlocking in-game rewards and ranking in global leaderboards.

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"adidas GMR lives at the intersection of gaming and the material world because that’s where the audience is," said Moritz Kloetzner, Director of Business Development for adidas Football. "By exploring and challenging traditional approaches to product development, alongside Jacquard by Google and EA SPORTS FIFA Mobile, we have been able to equip players with a whole new way to use their creativity for the betterment of sport.”

You can buy adidas' GMR pack now for $40 USD at

Via GQ Australia