Adidas Launches a Middle East Exclusive

18 September 2019
Their Customizable VRCT Jacket Features a Regional Twist

Adidas has created a YALA badge especially to sit on their newest take on the varsity jacket, the VRCT.

Available exclusively to the Middle East, the brand with the three stripes has teamed up with Dubai based athletes, explorers and activists to represent the badge in a photoshoot.

Self-styled Beast from the Middle East and athlete Walid Yari, mountaineer Tima Deryan, body positive activist Lu D’souza and TV presenter Enjy Kiwan have all leant their time and faces to the project.

The jacket is a tribute to traditional letterman college styles and features a customizable patch that you can use to represent yourself. Another step towards further blurring the boundaries between gym gear and casualwear, it’s designed to be worn to and from the gym, and is made from lightweight, flexible, double knit fabric instead of the traditional felted wool and leather sleeves.

As well as the Middle East edition, athletes from around the world including James Harden, Denise Schindler and Ning Zetao have also got involved in the project, each of them choosing one word that best represents them that has then been turned into a badge.

Walid Yari chose YALA, Tima Deryan went with BRAVE, Lu D’Souza selected I’MPERFECT and Enjy Kiwan decided on FAMILY.

The Adidas VRCT jacket is available now from Adidas so... Yalla! Yalla!