An Amateur’s Guide To (Buying) Yeezys

11 June 2019
YEEZY, Kanye West, Adidas
Yeezy Boost 700 'Inertia'
If you’re looking for exacting insight into the sneaker industry, this is not it

In December last year, I walked into a colleague’s office to find a pair or Yeezys sitting on his desk. The number ‘700’ was inked on top of the box, with ‘Boost’ inked on the side. With great excitement he shows me the pair of shoes and tells me he was one of the first people to buy it straight from Adidas.

Now mind you, this is not a man who I’d normally associate with hype culture, or I'd guess would have many Heron Preston tees or Palm Angels socks in his wardrobe. Think sharp blazers, chinos and pocket squares. Yes, that kind of man.

Yeezy 700 Boost Mauve

But the one thing from the hype culture that does appeal to him are sneakers. In particular sneakers by sporting brands like Nike, Adidas and Puma. Perhaps in the future, I’ll do my own investigation to find out why footwear has a mass appeal to individuals outside the hypebeast circles, but for now, I’ll selfishly tell my own story of figuring out Yeezys.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for a better part of the last few years, or you’re over the age of sixty, you probably know that Yeezy is a running collaboration between sportswear giant, Adidas, and rapper Kanye West. The aesthetic of the brand is primarily grunge and what I’d like to call ‘hobo-chic’ (see: tattered tees with holes). The label has a sizeable cult following, with the shoes constantly being promoted by West himself, and the Kardashian clan. The brand also makes it into the larger rap and hip-hop artists’ circles with performers like Drake and Travis Scott often mentioning the shoes in their songs.

Let’s be clear, the relevance of the Yeezy sneakers is not lost on me, I understand their worth. I just never bought into their appeal.

That was until I walked into that office.

The 700 Boost have their own appeal. It has everything I look for in a pair of sneakers. Sharp, wearable design – check. Colour – check. Versatility – check. Price – check. Comfort – unfounded, but I’m sure it would check out.

The first pair of 700 Boost that I saw were in mauve. I liked them, but I didn’t pay any mind to it. A few months later, I spotted another colleague of mine sporting the 700 Boost, but in the powder blue ‘Inertia’ colourway. Suffice to say I felt some pressure from my own team to sport some hype beasty shoes.

The 700s are pretty impressive to me, because of the stellar design, but in the powder blue colourway, I just knew I had to have them.

A third colleague of mine has an impressive sneaker collection, with Yeezys from almost every drop, in every colour, complete with the ‘Calabasas’ socks from the Yeezy fashion line.

Yeezy 'Calabasas'

Out of genuine intrigue I asked him how does one go about buying Yeezy sneakers. “It depends which ones you’re after, the brand has introduced a lot more colourways than before, so they’re a lot easier to find online. However, the best way is to shop them when they drop.” With that, he referred to the drops by Adidas themselves, when they’re priced by the brand itself.

After some digging online, here’s what I learned –

Shop the drop: If you’re after a pair of Yeezy shoes, the most affordable way to buy it is to buy it when they drop. However, this method does come with a few disadvantages. You’d have to do some research, follow a few blogs to find out when the drops are, and then actually wait in line, IRL, to buy the sneakers or probably wake up in the middle of the night to buy it online, and if you’re lucky you’ll find a pair in your size. Also, these drops are scattered across the year and if you’re impatient, as I very much am, this process might not be the one for you.

Shop the resell: You can always buy the sneakers from resellers on eBay and Grailed, but be weary of fakes. And also, they can cost a fortune sometimes. In regards to fakes - StockX and other apps are a good way to ensure authenticity on the resale market as well as being able to pick up grail-level silhouettes. Albeit at often extortionate prices.

Shop it online: Online retailers like Farfetch and MrPorter have now started stocking Yeezy sneakers and with this you’re one step closer to starting your collection. However, the mark up is quite spectacular, with some sites almost tripling the retail price, if you’re lucky enough to find the pair that you’re looking for in the first place

The last method works for me just fine. Yes, sometimes the prices are insane, but at least I’d take comfort in the fact that I know for sure it is an original piece, and sometimes you can get a decent price.

I’ll be buying my first pair of Yeezys this week (looking at you 700 Boost Inertia) to competently keep up with the seemingly soaring shoegame standards in my office.