Animal Crossing X Valentino Is The Crossover We Didn’t Know We Needed (But Love)

09 May 2020
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Photographer Kara Chung Creates Virtual Fashion Fits

While you live your best WFH real life in sweatpants and hoodies, there’s still a way to get your designer fix. You might just have to grab your credit card, hop online and cop that Nintendo Switch you’ve been wanting to all month along.

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If you haven’t noticed by now, Animal Crossing: New Horizons is having a moment. The now-viral game brings players to a deserted island, where they can interact with other people while carrying out their daily activities.

Now though, Animal Crossing has had the fashion world’s seal of approval, courtesy of Maison Valentino.

They tapped up artist Kara Chung to create 20 custom, virtual looks from their S/S and Paris Fashion Week 2020 collections, that are available to access for free in Animal Crossing with special codes.

The looks created feature everything from the brand’s colourful, men’s Spring shirts made in collaboration with artist Roger Dean, to VLTN bucket hats and puffer jackets.

While high fashion and PC gaming aren’t the most obvious of bedfellows, bear in mind these are unprecedented times and anything is possible. It’s safe to say that it has now become a fashion paradise with designer gear becoming increasingly popular on the island.

To access these looks all you have to do is plug in the creator code. If you’re into the whole swag meets Animal Crossing, check out Chung’s Animal Crossing Fashion Archive on Instagram, she started out documenting her friends’ style on the island before creating these looks.

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