Berluti’s Illusion Patina Service Allows You To Create The Ultimate Personalised Gift For A Discerning Man

By Talib Choudhry
19 December 2019
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The innovative new surface finish from the storied Parsian brand takes stencilling to a new level of luxury

It’s often difficult to buy an original gift for a man, particularly if the gentleman in question is of discerning taste. When it comes to the holiday season, a generic fragrance or a pair of cashmere socks just won’t do.

For the epitome of bespoke luxury and fine craftsmanship look to Berluti. Founded in 1895, the Parisian purveyor of fine leather goods recently introduced an innovative new surface finish that combines the traditional art of stencilling with the maison’s patina-know how. Through Berluti’s new bespoke Illusion Patina technique its artisans can create the appearance of a texture through stencilling and leather colouring.

The protective patinas are carefully applied on a leather product – be it footwear, bags, small leather goods or belts - and there’s an impressive palette of shades to choose from. The service has launched with an exclusive hand-made alligator scale pattern - the first of many to come - and clients can add initials on their chosen product to complete the personalisation process.

The process is meticulous and fascinating to behold; a stencil for the pattern is cut out and applied on to the product, after which pigments, dyes and essential oils are gently applied over the stencil (using an array of painterly tools such as brushes and sponges) to penetrate the leather. Finally, the stencil is removed to reveal a distinctive alligator pattern. The upshot? A one-of-a-kind piece that will be remembered and cherished for years to come.

Berluti has boutiques in Dubai Mall and Mall of the Emirates, Dubai.

Via AD Middle East