Best Men’s Jewellery To Enhance Your Outfit

By Zak Maoui and Faye Fearon
27 November 2019
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From rings and necklaces to earrings and bracelets, jewellery is much a thing for men now as women. We’ve compiled a list of the best...

Thanks to men such as Harry StylesJohnny Depp and Jordan Barrett, jewellery is now a fixture in a man’s wardrobe. Sure, men have been wearing them for ages (literally – the Egyptians were some of the first to don ornate body trinkets), but it hasn’t been until recent years that men have started to wear jewellery with pride.

Wearing jewellery has become somewhat of a micro-trend. In seasons past Gosha Rubchinskiy had models walk down the catwalk in tracksuits paired with chunky chains, while Gucci's shows wouldn’t be complete without the inclusion of heavily ringed fingers.

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While we aren’t suggesting you copy Mr T’s style, we do think jewellery is something no bloke should be shy about wearing. So we’ve compiled a list depicting the best men’s jewellery you can get your fingers and necks into right now.

Il Leone Medallion Necklace by Alighieri
Alighieri has single-handedly revolutionised men’s jewellery this year through its range of romantic designs. Our top pick? The Il Leone Medallion necklace: a 24-carat gold-plated pendant crafted from an old Venetian coin. $270 at

Chain bracelet by Celine
Simple is often best, especially when it comes to a bracelet. Wear this silver Celine chain alongside a leather blazer and your style points will soar. $604 at

Carved gold ring by Georgia Kemball
In keeping with the appeal of antique-style designs, Georgia Kemball’s pale gold ring is a tribute to traditional jewellery casting techniques. With a design carved into wax, the result is intricate, unique and guaranteed to draw attention. $739 at

Silver pin brooch by Dior
Jewellery isn’t just about necklaces and bracelets, FYI. Brooches are equally important and this silver design by Dior is the perfect topper for the lapel of your suit. Just make sure it isn’t hidden by your satin sash. $411 at

Maxwell bracelet by Alice Made This
Made from a solid copper bar, this bracelet is cut in an aerospace factory before being hand-formed and polished. The perfect addition to any minimalist’s outfit. $180 at

Earrings by Tom Wood
While you might associate hoop earrings with Captain Jack Sparrow, we're actually huge advocates of them. Do as Olly Alexander does (or the late George Michael did) and make them your staple. $212 at

14 Filed Curb Chain 70cm by Goodhood
For a simple golf chain that won't rust or have your accountant giving you frantic calls, look no further than this 9-carat neck piece from Goodhood. $248 at

Silver Lockit Pendant by Louis Vuitton
Not only will this look great around your neck, you'll also be doing your bit for charity. £200 from every sale of this pendant will go to Unicef to help children all over the world. $540 at

Skull Medallion Hoop Earring by Alexander McQueen
What we like most about this McQueen earring is the attention to detail – even the fastening has a skull embossed onto its tip. $488 at

Stone Silver Signet Ring by Chained + Able
Sure, you might not have been blessed with a signet ring as a family heirloom, but luckily for you Urban Outfitters does a seriously good one. $26 at

Woven Leather And Gold-Tone Bracelet by Tom Ford
If Tom Ford says you should be wearing a bracelet, then you should be wearing a bracelet. $373 at

18-Karat Gold Ring by Gucci
Alessandro Michele has made it all too clear that he is a fan of rings. His collections are never complete without the addition of rings and this is a signature for Gucci. $2531 at

Sterling Silver Chain by Tom Wood
It may look like a simple chain and pendant combo, but the hanging Greek coin is actually cast from one that was used in Afghanistan over 1,000 years ago. Stylish and historical. $270 at

Bracelet by Saint Laurent
Saint Laurent's founding father Yves Saint Laurent lends his initials to this bracelet, which is as timeless as bracelets can possibly be. $218 at

Orb Logo Earring by Vivienne Westwood
Earrings are synonymous with the punk movement and so it's no surprise that Vivienne Westwood wants you to wear one. $58 at

Andromeda Double-Chain Ring by Alan Crocetti
London-based Alan Crocetti continues to push boundaries when it comes to jewellery designing and this chain ring is one of the more interesting pieces you can get your fingers stuck into. $674 at

Ring by Thomas Sabo
Thomas Sabo uses the highest-quality alloy a jewellery brand possibly could. The 925 sterling silver is nickel-free and is suitable for wear by allergy sufferers. $153 at

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