Chris Hemsworth And Elsa Pataky Are Superheroes Of Style

By Faye Fearon
22 April 2019
Chris Hemsworth, Elsa Pataky
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They may be the he and she of action movies, but those power roles have extended to their style too. As Avengers: Endgame approaches our screens, embark on a dress code class with our Mr and Mrs of the week

Chris Hemsworth knows a thing or two about the fantastical. It's almost hard to tell where the powers of Thor end and the powers of Hemsworth begin. His wife, Elsa Pataky, is no stranger to action either, gaining recognition through her role in The Fast And The Furious franchise. Together, they make for quite the triumphant Mr and Mrs. They're not just heroes of the silver screen though: they're also stars of dressing too. Since the pair were married in 2010, they’ve smashed couple dressing out of the park time and time again. So to coincide with the upcoming release of Hemsworth’s Avengers: Endgame, here’s the top dressing tips to take from the power duo. Spring couple styles start here...

Evoking heroism at the Golden Globes

When: January 8, 2017
Why it works: Heroism is as old as time itself. So it's no surprise that Hemsworth and Pataky embraced a classic combination at the Golden Globes, strictly sticking to hues of black, white and silver. You can't go wrong emulating something so steely, especially in summer. Ladies, 'tis the season of strapless gowns, but keep them formal through floor-length trails and minimal accessories. Gents, a black tux and bow-tie should be your style go-to. Hemsworth advocates it and he's a trustworthy ambassador.
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Relaxed formality at the premiere of In The Heart Of The Sea

When: December 7, 2015
Why it works: For a less extravagant event, keep your formal attire more relaxed. The key is accessories, or lack thereof. As Hemsworth suggests, summer is the time for a sharp two-piece and a nonchalant approach to shirt buttoning. Unbutton the top a little, combine it with the hint of a pocket square and ground it with velvet brogues. Clad yourself in navy and white – they're a winning combination. As for the women, evoke a touch of glamour through a flapper-inspired cocktail dress.
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Pure romance at the premiere of Rush

When: September 14, 2013
Why it works: There are certain style choices that evoke romanticism: oxblood (and lots of it) and silk are among them and our star duo wear both with aplomb. If you want to stylishly communicate the status of your relationship through style, drench yourself in red or indulge in a silk shirt: an absolute must for a man's wardrobe. Don't forget to don a wristwatch either – Tom Ford's rules are the best guide for 2019.
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An ethereal energy at the premiere of The Huntsman: Winter’s War

When: April 11, 2016
Why it works: They may have been arriving to The Huntsman: Winter's War premiere (in apt tones, we'll add), but as far as we're concerned, you could do far worse than this for a guide to summer dressing. Hemsworth and Pataky know how to make a timeless arrival, not just in terms of era, but in terms of season too. This spring, share a bit of ethereality through a white summer dress and a grey three-piece suit. The top tip to take from Hemsworth, though: mix up your hues through your shoes.
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Easy does it at the premiere of Thor: Ragnarok

When: October 10, 2017
Why it works: On screen, they're all about action. Off screen, they're all about elegance. But there's a consistent sharpness to their premiere arrivals; easy always does it if it's combined with confidence. If you're searching for a twist in your next suit, try out electric blue like Hemsworth. An unbuttoned shirt, again, is his trick for effortlessness.
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Back to black for the GQ Men Of The Year Awards

When: September 4, 2012
Why it works: Hemsworth and Pataky know how to make an arrival at a GQ event. Their top tip: be smart and choose a sartorial sea of black. It's impossible to point out a flaw when you're both styled in monochrome; a little black dress should sit in every woman's wardrobe, as should a sharp black suit in every man's. Wondering what it takes to be on the GQ Men Of The Year list? Carrying off the most essential outfit with the utmost class. Hats off to the action pair. 

Via British GQ