Logomania Socks You Need In Your Life Right Now

25 April 2019
Socks, Kanye, YEEZY, Fendi, Gucci, Off-White, Prada
Luxury fashion is vying for the next big spot of real estate - your ankles.

Kanye West did not headline Coachella, but he still managed to make a splash at one of the biggest festivals in the world. And not just musically.

Ye brought his Sunday Service - 2019’s weekly jam session with gospel choir, celeb attendees and carefully choreographed wardrobe choices - to the Palm Springs, and with that, a host of Yeezy merchandise tinged with religious themes for the famously trendy Coachella crowd to swoon over.

Oversized T-shirts, sweaters, even ponchos. And, why not, socks.

West certainly knows a trend when he sees one, and socks are in vogue once again. He’s not the only one jumping on that bandwagon.

First it was band tees. Then came cross-body bags. Now – socks. The fashion industry’s next big opportunity.

Plastered across high-fashion Instagram, socks no longer serve a singular utilitarian purpose anymore, no longer living out a dull, monochromatic existence hidden from the public eye.

That small piece of real estate has quickly become fashion’s new focus.

The subtle flex of Gucci ‘GG’ monogram, or Fendi’s ‘double F’, or ‘Zucca’ logo has enough star power to big up your joggers and windbreaker grocery-run outfit, yet, they aren’t noticeable enough to take away from a black-tie outfit.

They create the perfect mix of subtle and “wait, are those Gucci socks?” intrigue.

Socks are having their moment in fashion, and everyone from Off-White to Versace are having their own take. They are no longer an afterthought.

With prices ranging from $50 to a hefty $1000, socks are now more than just everyday or sportswear.

We always work under the assumption that most fashion conscious people you meet will take a sneaky peep at your footwear game.

So don’t get caught out.

Give them something more to look at with coppable socks. See below our recommended styles.

Fendi - MrPorter

Fendi, $107, MrPorter

Gucci - Matches Fashion

Gucci, $135, Matches Fashion

Off-White - Matches Fashion

Off-White, $72, Matches Fashion

Vetements - Matches Fashion

Vetements, $83, Matches Fashion

Fendi - MrPorter

Fendi, $96, MrPorter

Gucci - MrPorter

Gucci, $139, MrPorter

Off-White - Matches Fashion

Off-White, $79, Matches Fashion

Prada - Matches Fashion

Prada, $206, Matches Fashion