Do Yourself A Favour And Check Out Nicolas Cage's Wolf Jacket

20 September 2019
Nicholas Cage, Big Fit of the Day, Style, Menswear
Image: Getty
An extremely Nic Cage #BigFitoftheDay

In the 1987 film Moonstruck, Cher’s Loretta describes Nicolas Cage’s Ronny as “a wolf.” Cage doesn’t like it. Some 30 years later, he seems to have come around on the idea. At the premiere of his new film Running with the Devil, Cage hit the red carpet wearing a fearsome beard, some sort of trapper’s hat, and a beaten-up denim jacket decorated with what appears to be an air-brushed forest scene featuring – yep – a pack of wolves. It goes without saying that this is the #BigFitoftheDay.

At this point in his career, Cage – truly a lone wolf of Hollywood – is nothing short of a... national treasure. (Sorry.) But he had his own inimitable sense of style long before becoming a walking, talking meme.

The photo featured here, of Cage schlepping through Los Angeles International Airport, serves as my phone’s wallpaper. He showed up to this GQ video shoot wearing a cream-colored biker jacket...and two enormous, Thanos-indebted gemstone rings. Is it easy to draw a straight line from a leather jacket at the airport to a wolf coat on the red carpet? It is not. But genius rarely follows a straight line.