Drake's London Performance Outfit Was Worth Almost $1 Million

By Brad Nash
04 April 2019
Drake backstage during the 61st Annual GRAMMY Awards at Staples Center on February 10. Image: Rich Fury/Getty Images 

Drake backstage during the 61st Annual GRAMMY Awards at Staples Center on February 10. Image: Rich Fury/Getty Images 

If you've never heard of UK-based YouTube series 'How Much Is Your Outfit', you have now, and prepare for what could be the most infuriatingly fascinating 10 minute YouTube clip you've watched all year.


The premise is in the title. Each episode, it looks at the subtle and not-so-subtle flexes that figures from within the streetwear community rock everyday, from $15,000 outfits donned by teenage hypebeasts, to the thoroughly grailed pieces worn by London's street style elite.

Naturally then, it's catnip for someone like Drake, who appeared alongside his crew on an OVO special-edition episode of the show, and summarily smashed the show's record with an outfit that's worth almost $1 million.

In case you hadn't realised from the almost constant references to the UK hip-hop scene that now dot Drake's music, he shares a special affinity with the island nation, and is currently playing a short London residency at the O2 arena (which rebranded itself the O3 arena in his honour). How Much Is Your Outfit managed to catch him and his crew before he stepped out on stage.

Things started relatively slowly, with members of Drake's crew flexing in OVO gear, vintage timepieces from Rolex and Patek, and an oddly high number of plain white Nike Air Force 1s. Can't beat a classic, we suppose.

Then last year's best-selling music artist stepped forward, showing off an outfit that puts pretty much any streetwear drip to shame. First up, an $11,000 custom Brioni jacket, paired with a Tom Ford turtleneck and pants amounting to just over $3000. The Tom Ford drip continued into the footwear in the form of a $15,000 pair of crocodile loafers.

Of course, the accessories were where things got serious. Adorning the turtleneck was a custom diamond chain, which set the 6ix god back $200,000. Finally, continuing hip-hop's love affair with Richard Mille watches, he revealed a custom RM69 timepiece, worth just over $750,000.

The total for all this clobber? Close to $1 million.

This isn't the first time Champagne Papi has flaunted his wealth in a big way this year, having previously shown off a $400,000, diamond-encrusted phone case. His car dealer recently took to Instagram to show off a custom Mercedes-Benz G650 Landaulet, worth somewhere around the $2 million AUD mark, that Drake purchased earlier this year. The 6.0-litre, 621bhp biturbo V12 4x4 is one of just 99 ever made.

Via GQ Australia