Ebay’s Biggest Sneaker Sale Of 2019 Is Not What You’d Think

09 January 2020
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A humble Nike tennis shoe beat some all-time classics

Yesterday we covered the most expensive watches sold on eBay in 2019. Today, we’re here to tell you about another essential menswear item that garners just as much interest: sneakers.

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Sorting the most expensive drops into a top four for 2019, eBay revealed that the most anyone has paid for a single pair of sneakers in 2019 was $10,000.

And before you roll your eyes and say: “People will do anything for Yeezys”, they weren’t made by adidas. Nor were they Off-White Nikes. Or Jordans.

In fact, someone parted with $10,000 for a pair of Nike Zoom Vapor Roger Federer tennis shoes. eBay didn’t provide any further details on the specifics of the pair but we have to assume, as they currently retail for $125 in stores, that this was a pair worn by the man himself. Presumably while winning Wimbledon.

The humble Zoom Vapor even beat the hallowed, self-lacing Nike Air Mags, Marty McFly’s futuristic sneakers featured in Back To The Future II. They sold for $9000, beating out competition from a Nike Sb Dunk Low “Freddy Kreuger” ($8,000) and Original, 1985 OG Nike Air Jordan 1 Chicago, White, Black Red Bred 4280 ($7,500).

When it comes to resale, Nike clearly still holds the crown.

The Top Four Sneakers Sold on eBay 2019

  • Nike Zoom Vapor Roger Federer Tennis Shoes: $10,000
  • Nike Air Mag 2016 Back to the Future, Mart McFly, Self-Lacing: $9,000
  • Nike Sb Dunk Low “Freddy Kreuger”: $8,000
  • 1985 Original OG Nike Air Jordan 1 Chicago, White, Black Red Bred 4280: $7,500

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