Eight Bags Worth Owning Under $300

31 March 2020
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Because if you’re only leaving the house once a day, you’d better make it count

Bags aren’t the most obvious thing to be buying right now, what with the distinct lack of places to visit. But, look at it like this: if you can only leave the house once a day (for your designated walk, shop or run) you might as well use it as an opportunity to flex your big-fit muscles.

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Things don’t have to cost the earth, either. As all eight of these bags prove, it’s more than possible to carry serious style weight at minimal cost. Taking your toilet paper home from the store never looked so good.

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WANT LES ESSENTIELS, $285 at Mr Porter

This polished canvas tote bag ticks both form and function boxes. The heavyweight canvas will also age beautifully.

A.P.C. x Carhartt WIP

A.P.C. x Carhartt WIP, $245 at Mr Porter

Utilitarianism is always in and the aesthetics of this APC backpack, the result of a collab with Carhartt’s WIP line are up there with the best of them.

Wacko Maria

Wacko Maria, $145 at Mr Porter

Channel your inner skater boy with this wild (see what we did there?) leopard print tote bag that made by Japanese footballers turned streetwear purveyors, Wacko Maria.

Comme Des Garçons

Comme Des Garçons, $110 at Matches Fashion

Strictly speaking, this isn’t a bag, unless you’re a hobbit. Nevertheless, Comme Des Garcons’ coin pouch is still the most stylish way to store your cash until the social construct of money collapses.

Raf Simons x Eastpak

Raf Simons x Eastpak, $230 at Matches Fashion

What’s better than one bag? Is it four smaller bags masquerading as one larger carrying solution? We’re not sure. But if you have belongings which need compartmentalizing (lunch, workout gear, headphone), this is the backpack for you.

Opening Ceremony

Opening Ceremony, $30 at Opening Ceremony

Opening Ceremony’s tote bag is the most affordable option on this list and well it might be. It is, after all, a plastic bag. That said, it’s lightweight but will also carry A-LOT of stuff.

Calvin Klein Jeans

Calvin Klein Jeans, $65 at Calvin Klein

A new player has entered the cross-body bag game and it’s Calvin Klein. Call it a fanny pack, a bum bag or a waist-tote, the cross-body wins points for security and practicality.

Adidas x Alexander Wang

Adidas x Alexander Wang, $70 at SSENSE

Take a trusted sportswear brand, in this case Adidas, and combine it with the high fashion sensibilities of Alexander Wang and you have the ultimate gym bag. Use it to transport your kit from bedroom to living room and back again.

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