Eight Great Linen Suits To Stay Cool In This Summer

11 May 2020
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A cool-down suit edit from the GQ Middle East fashion team

Well, it finally happened: while we were all stuck inside, temperatures in the UAE went through the roof. It’s now easily into the mid 30s and will be for the forseeable future.

What does this mean? It’s linen weather, that’s what. And, more specifically if you have to look smart year-round, it’s linen suit weather.

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Traditionally, an article extolling the virtues of a two-piece made from lightweight fabric favoured by men from Del-Monte would tell you they’re ideal for summer weddings, for garden parties, for any kind of social event held outdoors for the next six months.

Except, there most likely aren’t going to be any weddings. Not for a little while, anyway.

So instead, we’re going to say this: a linen suit is for life, not just for nuptials.

Split the suit up and you have a cool (both literally and metaphorically) pair of trousers to wear with a smart T-shirt during the day. Use the jacket over a light shirt if you need to be smart for work but don’t want to bake between the taxi and the office.

The GQ Middle East fashion team have chosen eight of the best linen suits available to buy right now, that will help you stay cool, now that things have got hot.


$80, H&M

Oliver Spencer

Jacket, $605, trousers, $320, Oliver Spencer at Mr Porter

Man 1924

$550, Man 1924 at Mr Porter

120% Lino

$540, 120% Lino at Matches Fashion

Marks & Spencer

$225, M&S

Umit Benan

Jacket, $1990, trousers, $860, Umit Benan at Matches Fashion

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Jacket, $135, trousers, $70, Zara


Jacket, $175, trousers, $95, Mango