Every Piece Of Daniel Craig's No Time To Die Wardrobe That You Can Buy Right Now

04 March 2020
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The internet is full of shops and brands trying in vain to rip off the secret agent's signature style. Here's where you go to get the real deal

The lengths to which the internet will go to replicate 007's iconic looks now seemingly have no end. Entire forums have been set up breaking down his looks and outfits in every scene, with details on where to buy the same items from the Bond wardrobe or, for the more budget conscious, cheaper imitations. And on that point, there are many. All it takes now is a quick google of '007 suit' and your search results will be flooded with stores promising exact replicas of Bond-level tailoring for low-three-figure sums.

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Of course it goes without saying that by now, despite the series' reputation for product placement, you generally don't make it into a Bond flick without peddling a quality product. And while the more obvious ones exist in companies like Aston Martin and Heineken, brands like Barbour and Tom Ford have all experienced massive boosts from the 007 effect — something that brands like Adidas are already trying to capitalise on.

The wardrobe displayed so far in No Time To Die has been a little different than the typical array of fairly unspectacular suiting, with Daniel Craig pictured in trailers and posters wearing more unconventional designs like sailor-neck jumpers and loose, three-button blazers.

Of course, we're sure a prominent array of dinner suits and savile row-style tailoring will also be featured throughout the film's supposedly bumper run time, but from what we know so far, here's what Bond will be wearing, and where you can get your hands on it.

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The N. Peal Sailor Neck Army Sweater

(Image: Universal)

London-based N. Peal have a supplier of knits for the Bond films going back to Goldfinger, but they've been front and centre most recently since their eye-catching knitted sweater featured in the main poster for No Time To Die. The jumper, made from superfine Merino and cashmere, has a distinctly nautical air to honor the Bond character's longtime affiliation with the Navy, with additional canvas patches for rugged durability. $700 at npeal.com

The Barton Perreira Sunglasses

The first thing spied by our colleagues at GQ US when snaps from the No Time To Die set were first released, Barton Perreira's sunnies could feature heavily throughout the film. The most iconic, however, are shaping up to be the 007-exclusive 'Joe' model, which are handcrafted in Japan and offer a more angular take on an eyewear style rocked by Bond for decades. A pair of the brand's 'Norton' glasses also appear on Bond later on. $665 at bartonperreira.com

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The Massimo Alba Sloop Suit

(Image: Universal, Entertainment Weekly)

Easily the most eye-catching suit spied on Bond so far, the unique beige number was spotted on the back of Craig and his stunt double during his scenes apparently set in Matera, Southern Italy. Deliberately unstructured and made from a more dressed-down micro-cord material, it can actually be worn in both a two button and three button style depending on how you adjust the lapels.

The tie, meanwhile, comes courtesy of New York-based designer and filmmaker Alexander Olch, and is hand-spun from silk. Suit: $1,469 at mrporter.com; Tie: $227 at olch.com

The Omega Seamaster Diver 300M '007 Edition'

(Image: Omega)

Bond's decades-long relationship with Omega has produced some spectacular timepieces, but this year's soon to be iconic Bond watch is a gem. Chosen by Craig and reportedly favoured by the star with its slightly more expensive mesh strap, it's a true nod to Omega's roots as the trusted diver's watch of the British Navy, and combines silver and bronze to blend class and ruggedness with surprising effect. $13,075 at omegawatches.com

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The Tom Ford Tailoring

It's very easily to look at a Bond suit and assume it's some piece of hand-stitched, British as fish and chips, Saville Row Wizardry. But that hasn't been the case for a while now, and it's actually New York designer Tom Ford who has produced the bulk of 007's suits and dinner jackets since Skyfall. No Time To Die will be no exception, with Ford's first suit for the film — a Prince of Wales check apparently inspired by a similar outfit in From Russia With Love — debuting in the film's first trailer. $8,839 at tomford.com

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