Exclusive: Shawn Mendes Speaks His Truth In Latest Calvin Klein Campaign

09 May 2019
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Calvin Klein
The Canadian singer-songwriter champions freedom of expression in the new #MYCALVINS ad campaign dropping today. And GQ Middle East got the exclusive from Mendes.

Since it was founded by designer Calvin Klein in the late ’60s, the all-American luxury fashion house has defied the status quo. And it only takes looking at the brand’s iconic ad campaigns through the years to know just how much the label has influenced our culture.

Today, Calvin Klein continues that legacy with its newest campaign drop. For “I SPEAK MY TRUTH IN #MYCALVINS”, CK has enlisted a new generation of famous faces and influential voices to carry its message of empowerment: the freedom to express ourselves authentically and fearlessly – and inviting others to do the same.

True to the brand’s DNA in celebrating youth, fronting the new campaign is 20-year-old megastar Shawn Mendes. Through telling his personal story, and in his own words, the brand hopes to create a platform for authentic connections. And with a fanbase as big and loyal as Mendes', we think the collaboration is the perfect fit.

In the exclusive Q&A below, Mendes reveals what working with the brand means to him. Be sure to see the Jonas Lindstroem-directed campaign video that follows, and expect the arresting images by renowned photographer Mario Sorrenti to be splashed across cities the world over. We know we're not complaining.

You declared your truth in the latest #MYCALVINS campaign – what was the on-set experience like for you? Difficult? Nerve-wracking? Easy? Fun?
It was definitely nerve wracking, but as the 2nd shoot I've done with Calvin, I started to feel a bit more comfortable. It was incredible working with Mario as he made everything so easy, it just flowed so naturally.

How does wearing Calvin Klein make you feel?
Wearing Calvin makes me feel just naturally me. It's easy and comfortable, and simple, really just classic and iconic clothing in the best possible way.

How did you prepare yourself for the shoot?
I definitely worked out way harder than normal going into the shoot haha. Other than that, just had to stay positive and in good vibes to make sure I was comfortable and got over my nerves.

What is one thing your fans do not know about you?
I'm not sure there is anything really as they know me so well! I think that's the best thing about my relationship with my fans is how open we are with each other.

Describe your personal style.
I would say it’s simple and comfortable. I like wearing things that look great but equally feel good while wearing them.

Is there anyone else in the cast you are a big fan of?
Everyone in this campaign is so incredible. It's really cool to be able to share it with so many great artists and so many great role models for our generation. I'm such a fan of Billie and how she just does her, A$AP, Troye, everyone is so great.