Flea Wears A Red-Hot 'Fit

07 November 2019
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Images: Getty Images
The bassist proves once again that he has perfect personal style

What separates the good rockstars from the truly transcendent ones? Immaculate personal style. Flea, then, is one of our best living rockstars: the bassist leans deep into his love for zaniness and color. (The last time we awarded Flea the Big Fit of the Day, in February, he wore a quilt that grandma would have made were she possessed by an evil spirit halfway through the sewing process. The top half is nightmare fuel!)

Now, for appearances at Sirius and Barnes & Nobles, Flea wore all the signatures of a Williamsburg bro: the suspenders, friendly lumberjack plaid shirt, wool trousers, beanie on the crown of his head, goofy Nike sneakers, and a coat that totally could have been thrifted from Beacon's Closet. Don't try this fit at home, though. What elevates it from Brooklyn barista to a Big Fit of the Day is Flea's rockstar stature.

Via GQ