Fortnite x Jordan Is The Latest Unholy Gaming Crossover

22 May 2019
Gear, Nike, Fortnite
Jordan/Epic Games
"Game recognise game"

The initial surge of popularity across Fortnite in general has died down, but the game's almost universal appeal and ardent player still sparks an insane amount of interest, even as the title enters its ninth season.

Fortnite, perhaps more than any other game, has become a hub for pop culture crossovers, with Epic Games most often introducing buyable items in-game to match up with different things people are trying to promote. Season 9 saw a collab between the game and John Wick for the release of John Wick 3, for instance, while they've previously teamed up with Avengers, Samsung, and even the NFL.

Now however, they have their sights set on a more street-savvy collaboration, teasing that they're set to team up with Nike's Jordan brand on some form of project.

Fortnite's creators, Epic Games, took to Twitter to tease the collab with a cryptic, emoji-only post clearly alluding to something to do with the one that so many call the Basketball GOAT. We're sure we don't need to spell it out for you any further.

Jordan Brand's own Instagram replied to this, dropping a teaser of what looks pretty clearly like a Jordan-inspired skin set to become available in-game.

Just what the rest of the collaboration will entail is anyone's guess. We can't imagine Jordan would go to the extent of releasing a line of Fortnite-inspired merch, but reports from within the industry suggest that the GOAT could in fact appear at an Epic Games event to help launch the collab.

Realistically, it probably means that Jordan skins and emotes will be made available to purchase in-game, and not much more.

Dedicated blog Fortnite Intel have speculated that, like the Avengers collab, there might even be a special Limited-Time Mode added in as well. "Maybe Jordan becomes a Thanos like figure and has special basketball abilities while everyone else tries to take him down and become him?"

According to one Instagram account, it might even signify a Fortnite-themed sneaker drop, but it's uncertain if this would actually translate into real-world shoes becoming available.

The move would represent another step into the gaming sector for MJ personally. The Basketball giant invested in prominent e-sports group AXiomatic Gaming late last year.

Stay tuned to this space for more updates on the partnership. In more gaming news, these are the official details Sony just dropped about the upcoming PS5 console.

Via GQ Australia