Frank Ocean Has Dropped A Surprise Capsule Of 'Blonded' Merch

20 January 2020
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Covering everything from hoodies to silk boxer shorts

There are a few constants in the modern day music industry. Kanye West will delay albums. Imagine Dragons is on course to become the 2020 answer to Nickelback. Tyler, The Creator will continue to create characters. And Frank Ocean will forever remain the business's enigmatic figures.

Ocean's contributions to the musical landscape generally come in a drip feed, timed whenever seems to suit his mood. It makes for a refreshing approach to a genre of music that's generally oversaturated with releases of thoughtless, commercialised music. And it's for that reason that both of his albums have gone down as some of the most well-thought-out, contextual and layered pieces of the decade.

Ocean's influence as something of a creative auteur has led his influence to grow within the world of fashion, too. A regular at the Met Gala and the new face of Prada's latest campaign, he's one of the quiet tastemakers of the recent decade.

And yet throughout this, Frank Ocean remains thoroughly Frank Ocean, forever on the fringe of the limelight, and always ready to surprise in a welcome new way, whether it be with a single, an interview, or an episode of his radio show. Now, he's revived the Blonded name in a brand new merch drop.

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A smaller capsule featuring the classic Blonded branding, the collection covers everything from $30 phone cases to hoodies and sweatpants in relaxed fits and bold colours. Royal blue features heavily throughout the pieces, while for a more pared back look, both dark teal and black options are offered in the apparel.

For cozier vibes, both silk boxers and Blonded socks are available.

However slow the drip feed of Ocean content may be for now, 2020 looks set to be a big year for the singer-songwriter. According to an interview he did with W magazine, Ocean has been working on new material inspired by, in his own words: “Detroit, Chicago, techno, house, French electronic,” signified by collabs with everyone from producer Sango to French house titans Justice. He also has a headline slot at Coachella booked, while a book courtesy of a publishing deal with Warner Chappell could be on the way too.

You can shop the full range (or whatever's left of it) at Ocean's Blonded website.

Via GQ Australia