Gucci’s New 1977 Tennis Sneakers Are The Same-Same But Different

10 February 2020
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Alessandro Michele is deliberately imitating Gucci’s classic back catalogue

Gucci’s latest sneaker is a tennis-shoe inspired low-top called the Gucci tennis 1977.

Based on a sneaker which Gucci creative director Alessandro Michele found in the brand’s archive, the 1977 is his reinterpretation of that, bringing together original details and a ‘modern spirit.’

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Coming under a renewal of the brand’s accessories for the Cruise 2020 collection, Michele says the reinterpretation of these classics is inspired by “a Neoclassical philosophy—the act of intentionally imitating an antique example.”

In layman’s terms, Michele is playing the hits. 70s tennis shoes are a style that has stood the test of time, both literally and figuratively. The low-top, canvas upper with texturized rubber sole, is about as easy to wear as a sneaker gets.

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In the campaign, shot by Max Siedentopf, the sneaker is shown in identical multiples, a nod to that earlier idea of imitation.

As Gucci imagine in their design notes on the 1977, “When the sneaker launched over forty years ago, the wearer was likely a jet-setting tennis player, on courts from Florida to the French Riviera; while the sneaker wearer today is expected to cross city streets from Hangzhou to Hanoi.”

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We’d also hazard a guess that they were once worn with everything from denim jeans to corduroy flares. Little has changed in how men wear sneakers since the 70s, except perhaps, the proliferation of sneakers worn with suits. And the 1977 is an ideal match for that.

There are seven different styles in the range, all of which are unisex, and the Tennis 1977 ‘s canvas upper comes in both plain colours and, this being Gucci, distinctive prints.

Inside the shoe you’ll find neat touches like the house's Gucci Tennis 1977 label that sits on the insole and the tongue. And on one edition, you’ll find Gucci’s signature print for the season: Mickey Mouse.

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We will draw your attention to the operative word in the last two paragraphs: unisex.

If, like us, you’re cursed with small-ish feet, expect these to be ‘borrowed’ on a regular basis. You have been warned.