Harry Styles And The Case Of The Highest Possible Waist

19 December 2019
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Images: Neil Mockford / Getty Images

The longer you stare at this #BigFitoftheDay, the better it gets. The painted nails! The pearl necklace! The rings!

It’s beginning to feel like Groundhog Day (1993): another day, another Harry Styles fit that makes every fit that preceded it feel completely irrelevant. The Most Stylish Man of the Decade semifinalist is still padding his resume in the final days of his competition. Today, Style continues his ongoing, noble quest to prove that there is no such thing as pants that are too high-waisted. These pants are so excellent they serve as exhibits B through Z in his case.

Take stock of the details in this fit, too: the blue-painted nails, the rings on every finger, the pearl necklace that dangles from his neck, and the tortoiseshell sunglasses he uses like a headband to push back his mane of hair. He doesn't waste a single bit of real estate while building this fit up. You know he's dressed incredibly well because the fact that he’s wearing his own Gucci-designed merch is only, like, the fourth-coolest thing about what Styles's wearing. We heart Harry, and this Big Fit of the Day, too.

Via GQ