Harry Styles Strings Together an Unprecedented Big Fit Marathon

22 February 2020
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Not one, not two, but THREE #BigFitoftheDay contenders

In the sport that is tossing up colossal fits, no competitor has a higher batting average than Harry Styles. We are constantly forced to recalibrate our idea of what is humanly possible to make room for what the British singer does with machine-like efficiency. Who can possibly forget the day back in November when Styles wore three Big Fits in the span of just two days? It’s a day forever stamped in the brain of even the most novice Fitologists. We saw it, and we rested, believing that the peak could not get any higher.

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And yet yesterday at the The BRIT Awards, Styles put together a whopping five-napkin burger of a performance: a colossal 100% beef three-patty meal of fits. That's right: Styles wore three Big Fits in a single night.

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His magical evening began with a natty suited look from Gucci that featured off-kilter details like a collar embroidered like the edge of a doily, and his pair of heeled Mary Janes. For his performance of “Falling” during the awards ceremony, Styles busted out another Gucci outfit. The head-to-toe lace shirt, pants, and suspenders set was custom-made for Styles six months ago, according to the singer’s stylist Harry Lambert. Pay attention, kids, this is how Big Fits are made: like a diamond in the pressure cooker for six months.

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The third course was somehow better than all the fits that came before, though. Styles finished the night in a canary-yellow suit and tulle purple bow ripped right off Marc Jacobs’s Spring/Summer 2020 runway from September. “What more could one want?” the designer wrote on Instagram. ”Handsome, talented and dresses like a BAD B**CH.” To answer the question: there is nothing left to want after this marathon of fits.

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