Here’s Another Dubai Sneaker Collab Waiting To Drop

15 December 2019
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Converse has teamed up with Project Chaiwala

We’re big fans of sneaker collabs here at GQ, but we know that not all are created equally. Rule one for collab success? Use an iconic silhouette. Well they don’t come much bigger than the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star – the original high top classic – which makes us have high hopes of our own for this creation with Dubai-based Project Chaiwala.

Designed by Waxfeller, the city’s leading custom sneaker collective, this one-of-a-kind shoe is inspired by fringe youth passions like skateboarding, music and sneakers all anchored in an authentic Dubai ritual, the neighbourhood Chai spot. 

Regional sneaks are certainly a thing at the moment, and only last month we saw Dubai on a list with other major cities around the world to be honoured by Virgil Abloh and Louis Vuitton with an LV Trainer colourway. The Converse shoe might be a little less hype, but it’s a great tribute to the region, and yet more proof of its rising prominence on the global fashion scale.

Produced in one colourway with a limited run, Project Chaiwala co-founder Justin Joseph explains the design, “We wanted to keep it authentic, simple but bold – like our chai – and pay tribute to the Chaiwala. Starting with the iconic Chuck Taylor All Star as the blank canvas, Converse and Dukkan Media asked Waxfeller to infuse the sneaker with the Chaiwala spirit – the result left us speechless”.

But of course, the all-important question is how do you get your hands on them? Well, they’re set for a drop this month, but the date remains under wraps for now. Keep your eyes on Project Chaiwala’s and Waxfeller’s Instagram page for a chance to win one of three pairs in an exclusive Chaiwala giveaway.

Failing that, make sure you follow @converseUAE’s Instagram feed for a drop date that will take place in the Converse flagship store at The Dubai Mall this month.