How To Build Your Wardrobe Around These Six Fall/Winter 19 Looks

03 September 2019
Ounass, Dolce & Gabbana, Prada, Off-White, Gucci, Balenciaga, Fall Winter 19
Images: Efraim Evidor / Styling: Keanoush Zargham
The rules of no rules style? Make the basics count with a look curated by Ounass

It goes without saying that we’re all in on the no rules style ethos that’s sweeping menswear right now. But you know the only problem with having no rules? THERE ARE NO RULES. Anything can happen. It’s for that reason that we recommend getting a little professional advice when it comes to building your look. Just a small collection of Grail pieces that will stand you in good stead. With looks pulled straight from the Fall/Winter 19 runways, luxury online platform, Ounass, can help you with that.

Here are six items we love that you can shop right now...

Gucci sneakers

The sneakers
Statement footwear is a must in any modern collection, but sometimes it’s good to eschew the bleeding edge trend in favour of a classic. Yes, we love chunky sneakers too, but this scaled back pair from Gucci will go with your wardrobe just as well now as it will in five years’ time.

Sneakers, Dhs2950, Gucci at Ounass

Off-White cardholder

The cardholder
Newsflash: The era of the fat wallet is over. And just as with almost every other cultural touchpoint right now, Virgil Abloh and his Off-White brand is leading the charge. Time to find somewhere new to house those old receipts and membership cards – the lining of your trousers will thank you for it.

Cardholder, Dhs685, Off-White at Ounass

Dolce Gabbana cardholder

The iPhone case
Let’s be honest, if there’s one thing you’re definitely going to be judged on in 2019 it’s your smartphone. And not just the hardware, either, but in how you  accessorise it, too. Our advice? Embrace a trend that was still looking sharp at the Fall/Winter 19 runways and wrap that thing in a logo.

iPhone case, Dhs400, Dolce & Gabbana at Ounass

Prada bag

The Bag
We love the humble brag of a shoulder bag right now. Perfect for daily adventures, whether travelling out of the country and packed with inflight essentials or just for regular use housing phone, keys and wallet. The kicker? It subtly goes with everything in your wardrobe.

Bag, Dhs4200, Prada at Ounass

Balenciaga sweatshirt

The sweatshirt
Just because you may live in the heat of the Middle East, that shouldn’t mean that you leave a gaping hole in your cold weather style choices. Find a middle ground with a lightweight fitted jumper – all the better if it’s emblazoned with a logo from Balenciaga.

Sweater, Dhs3900, Balenciaga at Ounass

Prada shirt

The Shirt
A print shirt should be the most used outfit in your arsenal right now. Something statement that you can wear with jeans, trousers, even shorts. Go big, bold (and bowling) with your pattern of choice and make zero apologies for it.

Shirt, Dhs4550, Prada at Ounass