Is Andrew Scott Just In It For the Outfits?

14 January 2020
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Image: Steve Granitz / Getty Images
The Hot Priest took home a Critics' Choice Award and, more importantly, the #BigFitoftheDay

During the second season of Fleabag, Andrew Scott, playing the Hot Priest, lovingly caresses his plum-colored vestment, the first one he ever got. “Sometimes I worry,” he says, "I’m only in it for the outfits.” (It’s a feeling we here at GQ can relate to, but one we’re less concerned about.) But the line feels like it is starting to apply to real-life Andrew Scott, Hot Actor. Famous, handsome Hollywood types have the opportunity and means to wear all sorts of beautiful outfits – an opportunity that Scott is cashing in on.

Take what transpired Sunday night for example: at the 25th Annual Critics' Choice Awards, Scott made the most of his time on the red carpet. The actor wore a crimson-red double-breasted suit from Berluti and layered a shimmering pink disco shirt made out of silk underneath. It’s the sort of dreamy pin-this-to-your-Valentine’s-Day-mood-board Big Fit of the Day that, were Scott just in it for the outfits, would make the whole acting thing totally worth it.

Via GQ