John Stamos Rides Again

By Devin Friedman
27 December 2019
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Images: Kelia Anne
One of television’s all-time grooming kings is here to tell you that your suit isn’t complete until you hair is in place

In person John Stamos – also known as Uncle Jesse from Full House, earlier known as Blackie Parrish during his two years on General Hospital, more recently appearing on Netflix in both You and Fuller House – comes off as thoughtful. Maybe even perspicacious? Possibly even wistful? Slightly? He is 55 now, and we sit together in the office of his house off Mulholland Drive, in LA, among the artifacts of a life worth being kind of wistful about: his drum kit, platinum albums from the Beach Boys (with whom he’s played on and off for more than three decades), a Sonos speaker from which the sounds of “Rubber Duckie” will sometimes spontaneously issue because his son, Billy, is having his bath. Could it be, I asked, that this was his first time in GQ? “It has always taken longer for me to get in anywhere for some reason,” he says.

“I think perhaps you were too good-looking,” I offer. I don’t actually mean it in a fake-insult-that’s-actually-a**-kissing way. Or not merely that. He was boringly good-looking. He looked like the picture Michael Jackson showed to his plastic surgeon.

“Pfft,” he says. “It’s always been a fight. To get into talk shows or television shows.”

“Why?” I ask.

Jacket, $2545, vest, $945, shirt, $545, trousers, $1145, Dolce & Gabbana

“I think the Full House thing has been a blessing and a curse. I think sometimes I don’t conduct myself as a serious person. But I am. I mean, I can be.”

Gravitas. I’m saying that Stamos has gravitas now. A charming, reflective quality. He recently got sober, got married, had a kid. But it took a minute to get to this place. “Everybody has their own bottoms,” he said. “I haven’t been through anything more than anyone else has. In fact I’ve had a beautifully charmed life. I think it was a fear of growing up. I mean, seriously, you throw a stick in this town and you’ll easily hit six guys with Peter Pan syndrome.”

I ask whether he’d include himself. “I’m a poster boy for it,” he says. “I shoulda had six months as a free fall, but I dragged it out about 10 years.”

Why is he in GQ now? Because he kind of grew into his face. Because he spent the past decade being a working actor, like lots of working actors you’ve never heard of – a pilot, roles on short-lived series with names like Thieves and Jake in Progress. Only he did all that while also being Stamos. Because I tend to think we’re on the brink of a Stamos-saissance. You heard it here first.

“Was it fun?” I ask. “All those years you should have been more grown-up?”

“Yeah,” he concedes. “Some of it was a lot of fun.”

Idiosyncratic and Intellectual

Blazer, $2395, Ermenegildo Zegna. Shirt, $760, Jil Sander. Tie, $175, Drake’s. Glasses, $420, Oliver Peoples

The suit
The velvet dinner jacket is never really a casual move. But it is, like Ermenegildo Zegna, timeless.

A good scent
The rich texture of the velvet jacket calls for a rich, layered fragrance. Versace’s Oud Noir ($155, 100 ml) is the cologne equivalent of an aperitivo.

Stubble tip
Add a little grit to this polished look. The Panasonic Precision Power trimmer ($150) will give you the perfect scruff.

Bold and Minimal

Blazer, $3050, Berluti. Turtleneck, $990, Ermenegildo Zegna

The suit
This blazer from Berluti – slim lapels, red that would make Chuck Berry proud – doesn’t need a tie. Throw on a mockneck instead.

A good scent
The high-end indie fragrance maker Byredo – we like Gypsy Water ($260, 100 ml) – specialises in scents without any of the cloying sweetness you find in mall colognes.

Shaving tip
Shaving every day is harsh on your skin. Make it less so with Kiehl’s face oil ($49).

Modern and Sophisticated

, $6650, sweater, $1540, Tom Ford. Glasses, $455, Oliver Peoples

The suit
Crispy peak lapels, iridescent fabric – that’s the recipe for success on elevated nighttime activities.

A good scent
Tom Ford has a full range of gender-neutral fragrances. The one we like to match the attention-grabbing shine of this suit is Soleil Blanc ($325, 100 ml), which smells warm, beachy and expensive.

Hair tip
Use a matte pomade like Rudy’s ($22) and then hit it with a blow-dryer to get the high pompadour.