Jordan Clarkson Is Accessorizing With Panache

24 November 2019
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Image: Michael Reaves / Getty Images

A Chanel and James Bond-heavy #BigFitoftheDay

BEEP BEEP, ENORMOUS FIT COMING THROUGH. We've spoken at length about the NBA's outfit revolution. It's now totally normal (though still incredibly cool) for LeBron James to outfit his entire team in Thom Browne. We've crossed the rubicon.

Jordan Clarkson says: f*&k your rubicon! We have miles yet to go in the NBA's long, leisurely tunnel walk to fashion transcendence. The Cleveland Cavalier is out here wearing James Bond-printed swim trunks in November (in Miami, to be fair). Jordan Clarkson is pulling his Tom Sachs Nikes—the rare sneaker that is both hyped and genuinely dope—from cold storage. Jordan Clarkson is wearing a tiny Chanel bag as a necklace! If the NBA is the coolest league on the planet, Jordan Clarkson is on the goddamn moon.

Via GQ