Kanye West Says He Wants To Become Creative Director Of Adidas

By Brad Nash
28 February 2019
YEEZY, Adidas, Kanye West
Credit: Yeezy
You can't fault the ambition of the man who created the YEEZY sub-brand

We're sure that between pissing of a good deal of the US political establishment, keeping up one of the world's most publicised family lives, making albums and designing his own fashion line, Kanye West is probably a pretty busy guy.

Even so, the artist who's perhaps gone through one of the most public displays of extreme mental burnout we've ever seen in popular culture has revealed in an interview that he's long been gunning for perhaps one of the biggest jobs in fashion.

Yeezy, while in conversation with Hood By Air founder and Helmut Lang creative director Shayne Oliver, revealed in Interview Magazine that he has his eyes set on going full Virgil Abloh, and that he not only wants to expand his reach beyond his own fashion, but wants to become the Creative Director of Adidas overall.

"When I saw it coming, it read to me that you had become the creative director of Helmut Lang — and it read to other people that way, too. And it felt right, and it felt deserved," West said. "The reason I’m on the phone with you right now is that of our generation of designers, you are the strongest of all of us. Of this entire crew that came up around the same time, you are the most deserving of one of these positions."

"It’s interesting to me when you get these situations, because, like, I’ve been fighting and struggling and arguing and talking and having conversation after conversation about being the creative director of adidas,” he disclosed, before adding, “It’s just f****** obvious, right?"

Maybe to you, mate. We're struggling to comprehend how you'd find the time. We wouldn't half-mind seeing Leo Messi rocking a pair of Yeezy-designed soccer boots, mind you.

Of course, that's not to say that fashion designers can't become creative polymaths.

Virgil Abloh has kept up a steady musical career despite running both Louis Vuitton's menswear division and Off-White at the same time. But those are two high fashion brands with limited-edition collections. Adidas is a multi-biliion dollar sporting empire, with hundreds, if not thousands of different lines covering countless different sports.

Paul Gaudio, the current global creative director at adidas, has been there since 2015. He also notably doesn't really design stuff in the same way that 'Ye currently does with his YEEZY sub-brand at the three stripes. Describing to The Fader what his job actually entails day-to-day.

"To me, words are probably the tool I use today more than anything. I rely heavily on words, and I like words. When you're younger, you do what you mean. You sit down, design something and say, "This is what I mean, see?" At this stage, I'm trying to explain larger concepts, ideas, create a framework more or less, for people to operate within. That framework is context for us, for the brand."

Nonetheless, 'Ye could be well set up to take on a larger design role in the future. The aesthetic he's created with the YEEZY brand has been so well-received that it almost needs no introduction any more, but putting Kanye at the helm of a sporting empire would be something else entirely.

Via GQ Australia