Karrouhat Walks Runway At Paris Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2020

23 June 2019
Style, Fashion
Alessandro Viero/Gorunway.com
“22 Jun 2019 History. we made it to Paris”

It doesn’t take a loyal fashion follower to understand the significance of Paris as a style capital of the world, but in case anyone needed a refresher: it's a big deal.

So it didn't really come as a surprise to us when we spotted Dubai-based Kuwaiti-born Basil Al Hadi – or Karrouhat, as he's better known – stomping the runway of It-brand Casablanca during Paris Fashion Week Men's becase Karrouhat, too, is a big deal.

Karrouhat Walks Runway At Paris Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2020

“22 Jun 2019 History. we made it to Paris," Karrouhat posted to his Instagram to commemorate the occassion.

But the best part? It appears that the multi-talented singer, songwriter, DJ, and producer is simply being his authentic self. We had a quick catch-up with Karrouhat while he was making his way to London from Paris to find out more about this major moment.

How did the collaboration with Casablanca come about?
I got contacted by the brand a month ago and they said that they were interested in my work, my energy, and my look, and that they wanted me to model for them. I thought they meant that they just wanted me to DJ, but no, they said they want me to walk the runway for the brand during Paris Fashion Week! They were amazing people and very chill. Moreover, they liked my music so they also asked me to DJ at the after party.

What does it mean for you to be able to represent Arab culture on such a global stage?
Being chosen for this collaboration and being part of one of the most important events in fashion, which is Paris Fashion Week, means a lot to me. I wanted it to be as simple as possible and to be myself to make it real. So many people in the region are working hard right now and I’m humbled to be a part of it – and super excited for the future.

Tell us more about the reaction and response you’ve gotten since walking the show?
Right after the show, I got contacted by two big brands – but I really can’t mention the names at the moment – that I’m really excited about. On top of that, I had international agencies reach out to me.

We'll be watching.

And here's to more regional talent making waves.