Know Your Spring Trends: Male Rompers

12 November 2019
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Engineer suit, mechanic suit, boiler suit, jumpsuit, romper. Call it what you want, but the fashion coverall—the adult onesie—is here

Like the cargo pants and dad sneakers before them, in 2017 the garment dividing the nation happened to be the male romper – a shorts/shirt combo that requires you to get nearly-naked in order to go to the bathroom, and has a way of turning anything less than a six-pack into a full-on gut.

But then fashion happened and men began wearing friendly separates that just so happened to match, paying homage to the iconic Sean Connery’s on screen romper moment.

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Yet as accomplished as we consider ourselves in the trendspotting stakes, even we must confess we did not see the male jumpsuit coming.

Coming in as the longer version of the romper, the jumpsuit is the a-lot-more-wearable brother that gives off more of a janitor/ prison uniform vibe. It’s equal parts art-rock Devo concept and oil-stained Pep Boys uniform, a true piece of high-low retro-future fashion.

But since you don’t have to match it with anything, you can just wear it by itself – making it a cop that makes getting dressed in the morning a little bit easier.

Alas, the all-in-one style was so popular this season it’s hard to believe the designers weren’t collectively plotting its rise. At Loewe, the dungarees were slouchy, as if designed for a farmer with no patience for tight clothes. Fendi, meanwhile, served the look with dark gloves and matching glasses offering some chic workman vibes.

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Jumpsuits might just be the high-fashion move that will elevate you into a style echelon usually reserved for only the most advanced sartorial practitioners. Just lace up your boots and go.

Dior SS20

Fendi SS20

Salvatore Ferragamo SS20

Leowe SS20

Y/Project SS20

Via GQ Australia