Know Your Spring Trends: The Boxer Shorts You’ll Be Living In Every Weekend

12 October 2019
Style, Fashion, Boxer Shorts
It’s official: We are living in a golden age of shorts

Know Your Trends is a new column where GQ's style writers offer suggestions on how to make the season's biggest menswear trends work IRL. Introducing: the boxer shorts of your dreams.

We’ve reached the point in spring where we’re starting to feel the heat settling in— so the pressure to rejig a wardrobe that will beat the heat is on. So where do you turn first? To your shorts, of course.

Your shorts are your warm-weather lodestar, the bottom half of your summer uniform. They're the first thing you toss in your luggage when you're packing for a holiday, and the first thing you reach for every Saturday morning when you need something that will keep you comfortable all day long.

While last season mini shorts rocked the world of menswear, they’ve now evolved into more athletic options, and while upper thighs were still very much on show, we were relieved to find some longer, roomier options on offer.

Now hold tight, we’re not talking those pairs that skim the lower reaches of your kneecaps, hitting high on your shins like a hot divorcée’s capri pants. We’re saying that some of the most exciting innovators in fashion are sprinkling their high fashion fairy dust and doing some of their best work in shorts.

At SSS World Corp, the trunks (and models) appeared ready to hit the ring, whereas Raf Simons began with a style not dissimilar to that of the AFL footy short, before pursuing a longer, looser silhouette. If you want to partake, make sure the top half of your outfit is something that’s decidedly fashion, so as not to be mistaken for having actually just walked off the pitch.

Via GQ Australia