Kristen Stewart Blessed Us With the Coveted Second Fit™

09 November 2019
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Images: Getty Images
K. Stew brings us not one but TWO Freak Casual Big Fits of the Day

A single Kristen Stewart fit is worth celebrating—her combination of luxe and grunge, putting Vans Old Skools with a ripped Beastie Boys T-shirt and a Chanel grail, let's say, is like a trademark assemblage that we like to call Freak Casual. So we were thrilled to see her in a putty gray suit, with a cropped blazer and high-waisted trousers and a sports bra as a top. And she flashed a peace sign! Very cool, very now, very "this is my power suit because I am a power outlet!"

But because Stewart is doing press for Charlie's Angels, we have been blessed with the priceless Second Fit. (A kind of fashion equivalent to Taco Bell's Fourth Meal?) For Second Fit™, Stewart wore an electric-blue Chanel tweed suit with combat boots and socks. (Visible scrunched socks are Freak Casual—oh heck, Freak Casual™—signatures.) She makes the most rarefied brand on the planet look freaky enough to wear to a rave.

Via GQ